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Articles: 2008 May

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Wednesday, 2008 May 28 - 7:47 pm
Each of these t-shirts would be great for my friend Brett when he goes to the Around the Corner Bar:

All available from T-shirt Hell. Here's an odd thing: the Entertainment Software Ratings Board is apparently suing for copyright infringement... and they're not suing T-shirt Hell, they're suing a gaming blog that wrote about them.

In other news, perhaps more useful to my female readers: I've been informed that the phrase "just like my vagina" is the new "that's what she said". Go. Use it.
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Posted by Ken in: funnyhaha

American Idol 2008 Week 14: Finale
Wednesday, 2008 May 21 - 6:55 pm
So here it is, the final competition. It almost doesn't matter how they sing any more; it's really down to popularity. So even before watching them, I predict David Archuleta will win, even though David Cook deserves it more.

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Posted by Ken in: television

That's What She Said
Tuesday, 2008 May 20 - 3:59 pm
I've had some pretty good "that's what she said" interjections over the last, oh, twenty years or so. So as you can imagine, I get a lot of enjoyment watching "The Office". Someone who's just as off-kilter as I am has compiled a collection.

Enjoy. (That's what she said.)
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Posted by Ken in: funnyhahatelevision

Important Announcement
Tuesday, 2008 May 20 - 8:08 am
"The Middleman" premieres June 16th on ABC Family.

That is all.
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Posted by Ken in: television

Whatchew Been Up To? (Redux)
Saturday, 2008 May 17 - 4:04 pm
It's been so long since I've posted anything about myself, "whatchew been up to" is, I suppose, a legitimate question now. Unlike before.

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Posted by Ken in: life

American Idol 2008 Week 13: Top 3
Tuesday, 2008 May 13 - 8:03 pm
Jason went out last week. This week: judges' choice, producers' choice, and contestants' choice.

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Posted by Ken in: television

New iPhone "Imminent"
Monday, 2008 May 12 - 12:32 pm
Web sites are abuzz with the rumor that a new iPhone is imminent. The two latest signs:
  • The iPhone is out of stock in Apple stores all over the world, and the online store lists it as "currently unavailable".
  • AT&T has a new option for iPhone Black on its customer phone selection web page; this matches rumors that the new iPhone will have a black plastic backing instead of its current aluminum one.
Apple often makes product announcements on Tuesdays. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
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Posted by Ken in: techwatch

American Idol 2008 Week 12: Top 4
Tuesday, 2008 May 6 - 8:02 pm
Brooke went out in tears last week. This week: rock and roll hall of fame songs... that's right, more golden oldies.

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Posted by Ken in: television

Obama Wins North Carolina
Tuesday, 2008 May 6 - 7:21 pm
It looks like Obama will win the North Carolina Democratic primary handily. With 5% of precincts reporting so far, Obama is taking 65% of the popular vote. This doesn't surprise me in the least, as nearly every Democrat I know here is an Obama supporter.

Hillary looks to be leading in Indiana, though there's a geographic split in the state that's skewing the early results. The final results are likely to be close. In all, today amounts to a win for Obama; with each Obama victory (or near-victory), he moves closer to eliminating Clinton's case for staying in the race.

When Amy and I went to vote today, we couldn't help but feel a little bit of awe at the prospect of voting for the first African-American president in U.S. history... and this, in the heart of the deep South, the home of Jesse Helms. Amazing.

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Posted by Ken in: politics

We might have to go through with this thing after all
Friday, 2008 May 2 - 5:28 pm
Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode. The on-again, off-again Microsoft-Yahoo merger might be on again.

A lot has already been written about the proposed merger, and my overall take is that most business guys seem to think it's a great idea, and most technology guys seem to think it's a terrible idea. Both arguments have some merit. I figured I'd take a little time to explore the pros and cons.

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Posted by Ken in: techwatch

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