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College Football Recap
Sunday, 2009 September 20 - 11:11 am
Michigan and NC State win; Michigan State loses to Notre Dame, USC gets upset by Washington.

(#25) Michigan 45, Eastern Michigan 17 When the first half ended 24-17, I have to say I was concerned. Though the Michigan offense was plowing through EMU with its running game, the defense looked suspect again, with some poor tackling by the linebackers. Oh, and Denard Robinson? Please stop underthrowing those deep passes, kthxbai.

Michigan did pull away in the second half, though, and I'm starting to get encouraged by Greg Robinson's ability to make defensive adjustments. I just wish we didn't have to get gashed for half a game before figuring it out.

Still, a blowout win is a blowout win, and after last season, I don't think Michigan fans have anything to complain about.

Offense: B. The running game was solid, which is a good thing because there wasn't much happening in the passing game. And if we're yielding sacks against a team like EMU, what's gonna happen when we face Penn State?

Defense: B-. The first half defense would rate a D, but the second half defense looked much better. Donovan Warren again looked like the best player on defense; if he goes down, we're in trouble.

NC State 45, Gardner-Webb 14. Isn't Gardner-Webb a high school around here? NCSU picks up another win over a cupcake opponent, and Russell Wilson sets an NCAA record for most consecutive passes without an interception. State will face a tougher test next week against Wake Forest Pittsburgh (edited, thanks Paul).

Big Ten

Michigan State 30, Notre Dame 33. Michigan State AGAIN finds away to lose, missing a wide-open receiver for a game-winning touchdown, then throwing an interception. State could have easily tied the game with a field goal had it not been for that interception. Ah, State. I was actually rooting for you to win and cast the Notre Dame fan base into anguish and despair.

Northern Illinois 28, Purdue 21. Predictions of Purdue's resurgence may have been premature.

Northwestern 34, Syracuse 37. Northwestern played pretty well in this game, and I'm starting to think they might have a good year. They avoid Michigan and Ohio State on their conference schedule, and it's quite possible that they could be 7-1 when they face Penn State on October 31.

Top 25

(#3) USC 13, Washington 16. This was the day's big stunner. USC, though playing without starting quarterback Matt Barkley, was expected to handle Washington easily. Instead, Washington coach Steve Sarkisian got a win against his former boss, Pete Carroll, as his defense stifled USC's offense. USC failed to convert a third down the whole day, and ended up turning the ball over 3 times. I think backup quarterback Aaron Corp was shaky, making poor reads all day long; with Barkley in the game, USC might well have won.

(#1) Florida 23, Tennessee 13. This was closer than most people expected. With all the bickering between Lane Kiffin and Urban Meyer, there was a sense that Florida would put a beat-down on Tennessee to make a statement. As it was, Florida's offense looked less than sharp at times, and Tennessee managed to hang tough. I wonder if #2 Texas, who beat a pretty good Texas Tech team 34-24, might pick up a few more #1 votes after this week.

(#7) BYU 28, Florida State 54. Huh; is Florida State actually that good, or was BYU's win over Oklahoma something of a fluke? BYU's chances of making a BCS bowl have dropped dramatically.

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