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American Idol, Week 6
Thursday, 2007 March 29 - 8:55 am
A little late, but here goes. It was Gwen Stefani night... sort of.

So you know, I love Gwen Stefani, but did anyone else think her "coaching" looked like it was edited in during post-production?


Lakisha: 8/10.
She sings "Last Dance". It's uptempo and fun. She has a couple of slightly pitchy spots, which is uncharacteristic of her. My biggest criticism is that it's just not very original. She's a good singer and a good performer, sure, but it's getting to the point where I need to see something more than a stereotypical performance. Randy likes the uptempo change, and says she's a fly diva. Paula says she did Donna Summer proud. Simon says she's thirty years younger this week than last week, and that he liked the uptempo as well.

Chris S: 6/10.
He sings "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic". Oh, Chris. He's just so bland when he sings, and this is an awfully risky song. Somehow he just loses all his personality once the mike is in his hand. He just doesn't do much with this song, and I feel like I just want it to end. Randy says it's a good song choice, but the off-tempo rhythm is a train wreck. Paula says staying in rhythm ("in the pocket") is his biggest problem, but that he's good vocally. Simon says it's a mess, and that the song didn't represent him.

Gina: 10/10.
She sings "I'll Stand By You". Her tone is great, and this is a good song choice; it shows a lot of emotion. She looks great and sounds great. I still say Gina is the dark horse to win it all, and if she can keep doing stuff like this, she'll go a long way. Randy says it's one of her best performances ever, it's the perfect song, and she just has to believe. Paula says she's improving each week, and it's a great song choice. Simon says it wasn't one of her best performances; it was her best performance. It's like "chalk and cheese" compared to three weeks ago.

Sanjaya: 5/10.
He sings "Bathwater". My God, the hair. He's turning the show into a big joke. and Howard Stern are backing him; what does that tell you? The performance is actually not one of his worst, but it's not good either. He has poor breath control, he lacks energy, and he forgets the words at one point. But does it matter? Randy says his hair is interesting, and that he can sing, if he would just put it out there. Paula says if he would go for it, it would fit his wild hairstyle. Simon says there was probably no mirror in his dressing room, but "it doesn't matter what we say any more". He's in his own universe, and if people like him, good luck.

Haley: 7/10.
She sings "True Colors". It starts off nice, but then there's a few off notes, and then she doesn't really bring it when it comes to the dramatic parts of the song. It comes off as very show tune-y. She ought to just sign her cruise ship contract now. Randy says it started rough, got better, and overall it was just OK. Paula says that song just requires singing the melody; her performance sounded too adult-contemporary, not young. Simon says it was sweet but forgettable, that thousands of girls will sing just like that; it was too safe.

Phil: 8/10.
He sings "Every Breath You Take". It's actually not a bad performance, but it lacks originality. It's such a well-known song, and we'd like something more than a playback of the original. Randy says he liked it, and that it was a solid performance. Paula says it's a good song choice and a good performance; the chorus had "color" to it (but the verses not so much). Simon says he thought it was very good, and the only time it seemed he was taking the competition seriously.

Melinda: 9/10.
She sings "Heaven Knows". It's a cute look, and she gives a strong performance as usual. But like Lakisha, I'm gonna need something different from her real soon; she always gives us just what we expect, but I'd like to see some risk-taking every now and then. Randy says she sings with feeling, that she's a pro, and that she was the bomb again. Paula says she has charisma from the word "go", and that she tells stories when she sings. Simon says we're not going to look back and say this was her best performance, but it was vocally great as usual.

Blake: 9/10.
He sings "Love Song" (from The Cure). It's an original take on an already-good song. He's making the song very pretty, and though not every note is spot-on, he's giving us another great, different performance. Randy says it's not the perfect song choice but he made the most of it. Paula loved it; he's taking risks and making the competition hip. Simon says he's the strongest guy in the competition, but that he needs to be careful not to fall in the Chris Daughtry trap, getting stuck in his own indulgent world.

Jordin: 7/10.
She sings "Hey Baby". The performance is oddly lacking, and I think it's the arrangement and the band more than Jordin herself. It comes across as very karaoke, and not terribly good. If she deserves criticism for anything, it's for choosing this song. Randy says it's risky, but she can sing anything. Paula says it's adorable, hip, and young. Simon says she's the most improved singer, and it's a young performance, but a bit copy-cat-ish.

Chris R: 7/10.
He sings "Don't Speak". He's a little pitchy, and you know, he just doesn't have the vocals for this. His voice turns nasal as usual, and it's just not great. Randy says it's interesting and likes the flava, but it's not his best vocal. Paula says it's good good good. Simon says it's a better song choice, but he wasn't crazy about the vocals.

Standings: (Weighted running average)
Blake 8.7
Melinda 8.7
Gina 8.5
Lakisha 8.3
Jordin 8.3
At risk:
Chris S 7.3
Phil 7.0
Chris R 6.3
Haley 6.5
Sanjaya 4.5
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Posted by Ken in: television


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