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Articles: commentary: 2010 November

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Today's TSA Atrocity
Tuesday, 2010 November 16 - 11:04 pm
So the latest bit of wonderful news from your local friendly TSA: they will now grope your screaming three-year-old toddler!

Unfortunately for the TSA, this particular three-year-old was the daughter of a newscaster... who caught the incident on video, and put it on the local news. Yeah, that's not going to be good publicity for the TSA.

And by the way, for those of you on the east coast... you can now take a bus from Durham to Washington D.C. for ONE DOLLAR (if you book in advance). It's called the Megabus and it goes from D.C. to various east coast cities, including Pittsburgh, New York, and Boston. It's a double-decker bus with Wi-Fi. And if the one dollar fare isn't enough to sell you on this... there's also NO GROPING by power-hungry TSA goons. I'm trying to see if there's a catch... so far, I haven't discovered one.
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Posted by Ken in: commentarytravel

Invasion of the Body Scanners
Friday, 2010 November 12 - 11:20 pm
So have you experienced the body scanning machine at the airports yet? I've been through them a few times... and if you hadn't heard or read about these machines, you might find them to be pretty innocuous. You stand there with your hands up, the machine waves around you, and then you're cleared to go through. Simple and painless, right?

But of course, being the well-informed netizen that you are, you know that these things are pretty much the 21st century version of the X-Ray Goggles from the comic books... the person viewing the image can see your hoo-ha or wee-waw in all its glory. It's essentially a digital strip search.

How have we come to this? How have we become so terrified of terrorists that we're willing to subject ourselves to such indignities? Doesn't this mean that the terrorists have won?

Some are now calling for a mass protest on November 24th; everyone is supposed to opt-out of the body scan and choose the manual pat-down instead. (There's an interesting story about a guy who decided to do that.) Oh, by the way, November 24th is the day before Thanksgiving... the busiest travel day of the year. If people are really going through with this, I'd be tempted to just sit at the airport to watch the carnage.

For those of you who are inclined for to be a little more subtle in your subversion, consider putting some large metallic alphabet stickers on your body, and send a personalized message to the TSA guy. Perhaps something like "ENJOY THE SHOW, PERV."
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Posted by Ken in: commentary

Fired For Facebooking
Tuesday, 2010 November 9 - 10:21 pm
So, apparently getting fired for blogging about your job is sooo 2002. A Connecticut woman was recently fired for complaining about boss on her Facebook wall.

The odd and/or annoying thing is that we're rehashing the same arguments about teh Internets and privacy and free speech that we did eight years ago. Today on NPR there was an older guy who said posting on Facebook was just like publishing in a newspaper (whatever that is), and a young-ish woman who said you can make your Facebook private, JUST LIKE MY VAG. Okay, she didn't say that, but she could have, because none of her friends are old enough to listen to the radio.

In another eight years, we will all have our own Internet TV shows (in 3D) that nobody watches, except when we use them to complain about work. When that happens, you'll have to figure out the obscure privacy settings that hide your rants, or the weird video you made lip-syncing to Lady Gaga. Except that no one will know who Lady Gaga is any more, so it won't matter.

The National Labor Relations Board is suing on behalf of the woman. Stay tuned to my blog for more news on this. Except that I'm a blogger, and I'll forget to post any updates, and you can just Google "woman Facebook firing" just like everyone else.

(This is National Blog Posting Month. How's THAT for some old-school blogging? Suck it, Facebook.)
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Posted by Ken in: bloggerscommentaryfunnyhaha

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