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Concert: Vaughan Penn and Rebecca Lynne
Saturday, 2005 June 4 - 1:06 pm
Kicking off my live music weekend... Vaughan Penn at the Six String Cafe, with Rebecca Lynne.

This was a complete spur-of-the-moment idea: my friend John and I decided to go see Vaughan Penn play at the Six String Cafe on Friday. Admittedly, neither of us recognized her name immediately... our decision to see her came when we ran across her promotional photo in the Independent Weekly:

Her name was unfamiliar, but as it turns out, I knew a lot of her songs from randomly hearing them on television. She's had a string of recent successes, including having songs played on "Grey's Anatomy", "Tru Calling", and MTV's "Laguna Beach". She seems to be quite the rising star.

Opening for Vaughan was local performer Rebecca Lynne, perhaps a rising star in her own right. She sang a slate of bluesy folk songs, with a pure and pretty voice; it was somewhat reminiscent of Norah Jones. The highlight for me was the upbeat and lyrical "Just Ask". (When she announced she was about to sing "Just Ask", John and I looked at each and said... "Well, okay!")

She's tall and beautiful and talented, and as she gets more comfortable on stage, I think she's really got the potential to go places. She's playing again at April and George on Thursday with a larger ensemble; that's something I might have to check out. She had a six-song CD for sale, which I bought and had autographed.

By the time Vaughn Penn came to the stage, the place was packed, and you could just feel the electricity. Vaughan has a presence that's all at once powerful and disarming. She has a rich, husky voice that's a little bit Janis Joplin and a little bit Stevie Nicks. She's quite talented, proficiently playing keyboard and harmonica as well as the guitar.

She comes from a musically talented family. Her sister Georgianna (who's ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE, by the way) joined her on stage to sing backing vocals several times, and her father even came up to play some saxophone.

The whole performance was strong and captivating. Vaughan was comfortable and funny on stage, and she had us all eating out of the palm of her hand. I bought all three of her CDs at the end, and then got her to pose for this cute picture with her sister:

Vaughan is touring around several locations in North Carolina and South Carolina. She'll be playing again locally at Alltel Pavilion on July 17th (on a spotlight stage), and then at the Lazy Days arts and crafts festival in Cary on August 27th.
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Posted by Ken in: musicreviews


Comment #1 from Speaker (Guest)
2005 Jun 4 - 6:46 pm : #
how do you pronoucne that name? Von? Vow-han? Vaw-han?

getting from i-tunes now.

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