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It's European!
Thursday, 2005 March 31 - 9:44 pm
I think it's time. I need a man-bag.

Today, as I carried my wallet and cash stuffed into my socks because I was wearing ultra-form-fitting Diesel jeans, it occurred to me that I really can't go much longer without getting a man-bag. Apparently I'm not the only guy out there with this problem. The Internet is awash with discussion about it. I particularly enjoyed this tale, and the fact that the author uses the word "murse" for "man-purse".

I've been doing a bit of research. I need something just large enough for my wallet, my cash, my keys, and my cell phone. Oh, and maybe I'd carry my iPod in it (and maybe a fake one too). I don't need something big enough for a laptop or water bottles or gym clothes... I want something small and light. But I also want to make sure to follow the first rule of man-bags, which is that the man-bag CANNOT, IN ANY WAY, BE MISTAKEN FOR A PURSE.

The New York Metro web site recommends that I go to Longchamp Paris (713 Madison Avenue). Hamster, perhaps you could look into it for me?

A lot of folks like Man-n-Bag. I kind of like the Axible but it might be a little bit too purse-like.

Some folks swear by Tom Bihn. These seem to be pretty cool too. I like the Small Cafe Bag.

I saw a Homestar Runner bag and I almost have to get that just on principle.

I dunno. I'm going to have to look around a bit. If anyone has suggestions, please comment.
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Posted by Ken in: style


Comment #1 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2005 Mar 31 - 10:21 pm : #
Jack Spade (not his real first name, because my friend Eddie knows him) is all the rage. Yes, the husband of Kate Spade. And brother of David Spade. But he's not for you. For you, Manhattan Portage, East Village, in gray. You want something small, that goes DIAGONALLY across the body, like a messenger bag, and is nylon, not leather. Leather says, "nice purse." Something big enough to hold everything, including a book, PDA, cellphone, iPod, wallet, keys, and condoms.

You gotta kind of have to cultivate an attitude with these bags. Especially in Raleigh. And should anyone say to you, "nice purse," just say "fuck you motherfucker" - maybe in Japanese.
Comment #2 from Jenn (Guest)
2005 Mar 31 - 10:43 pm : #
Oh, come on! You're not even going to consider a fanny pack?
Comment #3 from Nicholas (Guest)
2005 Apr 1 - 1:14 pm : #
If you get one, you need to be able to pull of the hipster look. Otherwise it will look like a purse. It also depends on your location. It will be looked on differently in a big city, versus the Bojangles in Cary/Apex.

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