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Wednesday, 2007 December 5 - 9:49 am
So the odd thing is, now that I can post from anywhere, at any time... I find I'm more interested in tweaking my site and less interested in posting new entries. I promise, I'll get back to posting real stuff soon.

One thing some of you may note is that the last post was contained in the RSS feed, and on the main page, in its entirety. I may keep doing that unless the posts are large. Right now there's no indication of whether the RSS feed is the complete post or just an abstract... I'll fix that soon. Just so you know: this post is broken into an abstract and a main section, so click through for more.

I've fixed a bunch of bugs in the last couple of days:
  • I've made it so Safari can save your password properly, if you check a box on the login page while logging in.
  • I've made it so I can type HTML in posts without extraneous line breaks thrown in (it sounds like a small thing, but without it, it'd be hard to put in bulleted lists like this one)
  • I fixed the comments feed, which was totally broken
  • I *think* I've fixed a problem where a poorly formatted tag in a comment would break the rendering of everything that followed it

One thing I haven't quite figured out... if I make a premium post (i.e. for privileged users only), how will I make sure it shows up in the RSS feed for premium users only? I have a few options, all with disadvantages:
  • I could put the RSS feed under HTTP authentication, which most readers support. But that means your password would be sent in clear-text form. And plus I'd have to figure out how to make Apache use my proprietary authentication system.
  • I could provide an RSS feed link that includes your encoded user ID and password. That would mean that the feed link for you would change whenever your password changed.
  • I could put a dummy item in the RSS feed for the premium post, requiring you to click through to read it. But that means non-privileged users would be *aware* of the existence of the post, undercutting my desire to hide such posts completely.

I think I'm leaning towards the last option. What do you think?
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Posted by Ken in: site-business


Comment #1 from baketown (baketown)
2007 Dec 5 - 12:30 pm : #
Comment #2 from Jen (Guest)
2007 Dec 5 - 4:53 pm : #
I vote for option 2.

I love having the posts in their entirety in the feed. Yours is the only feed I read that ever requires me to click through, so I always read yours last and sometimes put them off for a week or two. Lazy much?

I guess I'll create a login now. Well, after I post this.
Comment #3 from Alan H (Guest)
2007 Dec 7 - 2:04 pm : #
Option 2, cuz once I register, I probably will *never* change my password. And you know what else? I'm not gonna use any numbers or punctuation or uppercase letters either. Take that, corporate security mongers!

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