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American Idol 2008 Week 9: Top 7
Tuesday, 2008 April 15 - 8:04 pm
Michael Johns went out last week. This week's theme: Mariah Carey, guh.

David "Cheeks" Archuleta: 6.5
"When You Believe". What song is this? It's, uh, treacly and boring, like something you'd hear on The 700 Club. I think I hate it. He sang it okay, but what a terrible song. I need something from him besides this goody-two-shoes crap. I give him a generous 5.

Carly "Potatoes" Smithson: 7.5
"Without You". Hmm, I'm not sure I agree with this song choice... but then again, what Mariah song could Carly really pick? Still, she starts it pretty well. I wish she'd put more of a rock edge on it, but it's surprisingly not all that bad. I give her an 8, partly for singing out of her genre.

Syesha "Whitney" Mercado: 6.7
"Vanishing". If there were ever a week for Syesha, this would be it. Or would it? Maybe we're tired of hearing Mariah and Whitney from her all the time, especially when she's not as good by comparison. And this is exactly like all the other weeks... kind of a mediocre cover version, like something you'd hear at a local talent show. Also: boring. I give her a 6.

Brooke "Granola" White: 7.0
"Hero". Hm. I had my doubts, but she's actually making this a Brooke song, sticking to the piano and leaving out the band. She seems awfully nervous though, and it kind of showed vocally at times. But not awful. Kind of exactly what we expect from her. I give her a 7.

Kristy Lee "Jessica Simpson" Cook: 6.0
"Forever". Oh, this is ugly. It's like the closing act at a high school Christmas show. I will say this: she has found her singing voice, and she's starting to show some vocal talent. But her arrangement and her performance are bordering on horrific. She may have a country music career ahead of her, but this is American Idol, not Patsy Cline Idol. I give her a 5.

David "Shaggy" Cook: 6.8
"Always Be My Baby". This is definitely a risk. It's a little, well, Ryan Adams-y for me. He still struggles in the lower register, and I kinda wish he'd given it more of a bouncy feel than an anthem feel. But like Carly, you gotta give him credit for singing way outside his genre. I give him a 8 for imagination.

Jason "Battlefield Earth" Castro: 7.7
"I Don't Wanna Cry". I don't quite know what to make of this. On the one hand, I love the arrangement. On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of the song itself, and his singing isn't as good as it has been. I like the originality and the risk; I'm not sure people will get it, though. I give him a 7.

My bottom three: Archuleta, Syesha, Kristy. Actually, I'm don't really think Archuleta will be in the bottom three (it's more likely to be Brooke), but he's lost me... I'm just not impressed with him any more.
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Posted by Ken in: television


Comment #1 from Tidmore (Guest)
2008 Apr 15 - 9:33 pm : #
Wow I disappear for about 3 years and your whole life has changed. I don't know if you remember me but I used to follow your blog way back in '05. (I was a friend of Javi's) I moved on to Law School and lost your web address.
Now I find your blog again and your Married!!! Congrats, I'm a little sad I wasn't there all that time to offer my story and follow yours, but I'm back and wanted to say congrats.
BTW I'm still pissed that Johns was booted!
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2008 Apr 16 - 7:47 am : #
Hey Travis, welcome back.

Not EVERYTHING has changed. I still blog about American Idol.
Comment #3 from Chip (Guest)
2008 Apr 17 - 6:31 am : #
David Archuleta will try to make it as a pop star but will ultimately become a contemporary Christian (pop Christian) star. In my opinion, this is his genre.

I don't know how boring a kid can get. He has "John Tesh" down with all the rhythm of "Amy Grant".

Kristy Lee Cook has proved, one again, she will have to have someone prepare the arrangements for her. When her CD is released, she will get a "number one song" arranged for her. We'll see if they through more towards her.

Syesha.... I am having trouble with her. She is beautiful and playful and everything you want out of a star. That said, she may be destined for theatre, television, etc... and not a singing career.

Ken, I have to agree with your assessments.

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