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The Middleman Premieres!
Tuesday, 2008 June 17 - 9:36 am
Did you catch it? Javi's new show "The Middleman" premiered last night on ABC Family. It's also available on iTunes... it was free for a while, but now it's the standard $1.99.

It's interesting because if you know Javi, you can almost hear him talking in the dialog. The show is very Javi-esque, which is a great thing for a number of reasons: it's witty and full of pop culture references, and it pays great respect to its comic book roots.

I did like Natalie Morales as the appropriately cynical Wendy Watson. And Matt Keeslar does a fine job playing the straight-laced Middleman. But I think it'll take them a few episodes to find their legs in the characters. As someone who's seen a lot of Javi's work, I can tell you that it takes a certain mindset to understand the psychology of Javi's characters, and to express that correctly as an actor. Every now and then they'll be given a line with a complex socio-political-philosophical statement in it, and they'll have to work to wrap their minds and their tongues around the dialogue. But I'm sure they'll be get it.

The best part of the episode was catching this poster in the background:

javi middleman

Rock on, Javi.
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Posted by Ken in: television


Comment #1 from Noelle (Guest)
2008 Jun 17 - 3:33 pm : #
I saw a preview of this at the AMC movie theater just before Sex and the City started last weekend and I almost jumped up and announced to the crowd of women there that I knew that guy in high school and he was so funny and how exciting.... I literally had to force my self not to jump up, I was surprised. So fun!
Comment #2 from Dan (Guest)
2008 Jun 23 - 10:00 am : #
After reading your blog, Ann and I decided to watch the pilot rebroadcast last night. We thought it was really cool and hilariously funny at moments. To us, the show's quirkiness reminded us of 'Pushing Daisies' which was one of our favorite new shows from last year. We'll be watching episode 2 tonight.

What's the significance of the poster? Is that a picture of Javi?

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