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McCain selects Governor Palin as VP Nominee
Friday, 2008 August 29 - 10:39 am
Today, John McCain announced that Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, will be his running mate. Verrrrry interesting.

Wonkette readers will recognize Sarah Palin as the one they call the "GILF":

Sarah Palin

Of course, everyone's instant reaction will be that McCain is aiming squarely at disaffected Hillary supporters, and white female voters across the country. And maybe she'll help pick up a few male voters, just by her looks.

Palin is not widely known nationally. She's a popular governor in Alaska, and reliably conservative on issues (though she did veto a bill that would have banned same-sex couples from receiving benefits). She's fiercely critical of wasteful spending and corruption. Unfortunately, for too many people, all they'll see is that she's young (44) and attractive (runner-up for Miss Alaska in 1984).

My instant two-cent analysis: some percentage of female voters will be drawn to her, especially among disaffected Hillary supporters. Younger conservatives will like her. There'll be a few out there that will dislike her primarily because she's a powerful woman; that number will grow once she starts to speak on television.

She's a daring choice as a running mate, and she'll give the media something to talk about. That might be the main reason McCain chose her: to wrest some media attention away from Obama.
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Posted by Ken in: politics


Comment #1 from Monty (Guest)
2008 Aug 29 - 1:34 pm : #
Regardless of what happens now, we will either have a female Vice-President or a half-black President for the first time in history.
Comment #2 from Brett (Guest)
2008 Aug 29 - 8:46 pm : #
The first thing I said when I heard the pick was " Alaska a swing state??"

But the more I hear about her, I like her. She counters exactly everything Dems dislike about the GOP.

The ever-so popular chant "That's not change, that's more of the same!" Sounds like change, to me.

"Inexperience shouldn't matter. This is new politics." She hasn't exactly been around forever, and she's got her own politics, too.

"Republicans are corrupt." This is a woman who's got involved to make a difference to fight corruption.

"Republicans are for Oil." She fought oil companies, too.

"No more politics as usual." Hardly sounds like politics as usual, sounds like someone who can 'get things done.'

"Obama is down to earth, just your ordinary person, not corrupted by Washington." I think you could DEFINATELY say that this "hockey mom" is an ordinary person, not corrupted by Washington.

"GOP is just a bunch of old white men making our decisions." Old white men and now a young woman.

She holds the EXACT opposite image that Democrats have of the Republican party. As a conservative myself, I welcome that.

I would think Dems would LOVE to have a person like this on their side. She seems to fit Dems criteria.

I'd say her biggest weakness, just from watching a few clips on youtube, is she sounds more like a PTA mom than a politician, which might hurt her in debates. But it may also be something that helps her with a lot of sympathetic women and moms. And from my experience, moms are the (self-proclaimed by moms) busiest people alive.

It'll be interesting to hear and learn more about her.
Comment #3 from John Corey (Guest)
2008 Sep 1 - 9:30 pm : #
I know at least 6 women who are out-right offended by the choice. It felt like a cheap attempt to appeal to "Hilary" people, without actually requiring any substance.
"uppityliberal" has a great post about her "honesty" and "experience". Check it:

She is no worse than any other politician I suppose. At least she is brave enough to prove that this whole "abstinence is the way" thinking is utter bunk. Or was that an accident? as daring fireball points out

"Tom Eagleton lasted 18 days before withdrawing from the McGovern ticket in 1972. My money says Palin doesn’t last that long."
Comment #4 from crouchinghamster (crouchinghamster)
2008 Sep 3 - 8:03 am : #
My cat, Mir, is more qualified than she is to run our country.

Mir, Russian for "peace," lived in Athens, Georgia for 6 weeks. Georgia, the state, not the country. But still! It's the same name! So he's got foreign policy experience in spades. He's also vastly overqualified to be ambassador to Georgia. Or Russia.

Unfortunately, he was neutered at a young age by a flaming Ivy league elitist New York liberal, so no kittens for his photo-op.

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