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This Evening's Quietude
Saturday, 2005 April 30 - 10:20 pm
As promised, I'm having a quiet night at home tonight.

I've started reading The Salmon of Doubt, a posthumous collection of writings from Douglas Adams (notable author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). The main reason I'm reading it is because Tim lent it to me, and I would feel bad starting to read a different book while I've got this book on loan.

It's interesting and well-written. It's a series of short articles, so it reads almost exactly like a good blog. The problem is, that makes the book slightly difficult to read from start to finish (though I have read all of MonoCerdo, Suburban Bliss*, and peprmintyfresh each in one sitting). Maybe it would make a good bathroom reader. Out of consideration for Tim, though, I guess I won't take it into my bathroom.

Another problem is that I keep thinking I should be able to click on links to get more information about stuff. I think the Internet has rewired my brain to think tangentially. I'm used to being able to command-click on links so I can explore topics and then go back to the original piece when I'm finished. (By the way, for those of you who still use that antiquated piece of junk known as Internet Explorer, and who have not discovered the joys of tabbed browsing, this is yet another exhortation to switch. Hopefully if you're a Mac user, as Douglas Adams was, you're okay.)

I suppose I could have my laptop sitting next to me as I read, but that seems wrong. Reading a book is supposed to be an anachronistic, luddite experience. There should be no technology involved.

After getting through about forty pages in twenty minutes (I read pretty fast), I had to stop, because the book was filling my head with a bunch of things I wanted to write about. Like this article, for instance. And, it was making me itch to go see the movie version of Hitchhiker's, so I can come home and write a review about it. It's become a little bit frightening how my whole life has started to revolve around this blog.

But anyway, Tim, thanks for the book. I'm finding it interesting, because I relate to Douglas Adams in a lot of ways. He appreciated The Beatles, Japanese food, Monty Python, and Macintosh computers with a depth shared by only a blessed few.

That reminds me, Javi, if (God forbid) you should happen to leave us for some reason, I will be scrubbing through your Mac so I can put together a compilation book just like Salmon. I'm sure you've got a thousand hidden gems that ought to be shared with your adoring fans someday. I promise to hide all the porn first.

The rest of this evening: blog writing, blog reading, and perhaps a late-night Krispy Kreme donut. Tim is also responsible for the fact that I have Krispy Kremes in my house, because we talked about them last week and afterwards I couldn't stop thinking about them. I would encourage all of you to go out and pick up a dozen for yourself, because I'm a Krispy Kreme stockholder who bought shares at $30 just as that god-awful low-carb diet was becoming popular, and now the stock is down below $6. It's my magic touch at work again.

*Don't go to Someone else bought the domain and Melissa no longer writes there.
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Posted by Ken in: bookslife


Comment #1 from minty (Guest)
2005 May 1 - 10:52 pm : #
You read my whole blog, in one sitting? Wow, I'm flattered.

The book sounds interesting--I am a big Douglas Adams fan. In fact, I saw the Hitchhiker's Guide movie on opening night. In fact, I brought a towel. Yes, I am a geek. I liked the film a lot; I thought Sam Rockwell was great great great, but everyone else was excellent too.

My boss borrowed a book from me once and confessed when he returned it that he had bought me a new copy because the one I loaned him fell in the toilet. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, though--it was sitting on the back and the dog knocked it in on its way out for a walk. Still, it was decent of him to replace it, rather than give me the damp toilet-watery one, eh?

Oh, and yes--tabbed browsing ROCKS.
Comment #2 from Nicholas (Guest)
2005 May 2 - 12:39 pm : #
Reading a blog from its inception. An interesting idea. Maybe I'll get around to it someday.
Comment #3 from Ken (realkato)
2005 May 2 - 1:43 pm : #
Nicholas, I'm reading yours from its inception. It's a pretty quick read. :lol:

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