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Fall TV
Friday, 2009 November 13 - 12:43 pm
Well, being at home sick does mean I get to catch up with all my TV shows on the DVR. Here's what I'm watching this season...


"Heroes", NBC 8:00 PM. I said I was done with this show and I should have stuck to it. This season has been utterly mediocre; the new story line with the carnies is dreadful. I might watch until the end of this season; then again, I might not.

"Big Bang Theory", CBS 9:30 PM. This is often sitcom-y predictable, but it's consistently funny. Perhaps it appeals to us geeks more than anyone else.




"Glee", FOX 9:00 PM. Perhaps the best new show of the year. The musical numbers are contrived, but the show is just brimming with heart.

"South Park", Comedy Central 10:00 PM. Another solid year for this show. The great thing about the show is that nothing is sacred; anything can be a target of satire.


"Survivor", CBS 8:00 PM. Yes, we still watch it, and yes, we're still amazed that none of the contestants seem to understand how the game works.

"Community", NBC 8:00 PM. This had an uneven start, but the cast is starting to come together.

"Parks and Recreation", NBC 8:30 PM. This show is trying very hard to be "The Office", but the characters are bit cartoonish and one-dimensional. With time it could develop into a good show.

"The Office", NBC 9:00 PM. Still brilliant.

"30 Rock", NBC 9:30 PM. Sometimes the absurdism is a bit over-the-top for me, but the show still has it's laugh-out-loud moments.

"Tosh.0", Comedy Central 10:00 PM. It's like "Web Soup" on G4, but Daniel Tosh is a lot funnier than Chris Hardwick.




Football, mostly, but no regular programming. Every now and then I'll catch bits of "Saturday Night Live".


"The Simpsons", FOX 8:00 PM. I don't so much watch this; it's more that I save them up on the TiVo to watch later. Right now I'm backlogged by a dozen episodes or so, going back to last season. I still find them worth watching, but "South Park" has replaced them as the center point for cultural satire.

"The Prisoner", AMC 8:00 PM. It premieres this Sunday. I was an enormous fan of Patrick McGoohan's original version; if the remake doesn't recapture the clever mind games and the existentialist bent, I'll be sorely disappointed.

Notable Things I'm Not Watching

"House". I hear it's good, but it was introduced at a time when I was fed up with medical dramas.

"Mad Men". Yes, I know, everyone loves this show. I tried to watch an episode; just couldn't get into it.

"V". What's next, a remake of "Manimal"? (Javi says that may happen.)

"Flash Forward". I missed the first episode; it didn't seem worth the trouble to try to catch up. It doesn't help that it airs on my busiest TV night (Thursday).

"Modern Family", "Cougar Town". The few times we saw these shows (when "Glee" was pre-empted for the World Series), we liked them... but they weren't compelling enough to follow on a weekly basis.
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Posted by Ken in: television


Comment #1 from JohnC (Guest)
2009 Nov 13 - 1:26 pm : #
re: 30 rock: Like when Jack calls San Francisco, the peoples gay-public of drug-a-fornia?. I just LOLed again
Comment #2 from ed (Guest)
2009 Nov 14 - 1:33 pm : #
it took me FOREVER to get into mad men. like not until almost the end of season 1. if it hadn't been the only show i had on my iphone for a while it might not have made it.

that being said, i'd rather watch an ep of weeds or curb any day.

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