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American Idol Week 1: Top 12
Tuesday, 2010 March 16 - 10:53 pm
It's Rolling Stones night.

Michael: "Miss You". It's a good vocal, but it's also a bit corny. He should be safe.

Didi: "Play with Fire". It's a good song choice and an emotional performance, but the pitch is all over the place and she muddled the lyrics. It's not her best, but she might just squeak by.

Casey: "It's All Over Now". He's turned this into a twangy country song, and it's kind of just generic and safe. I don't like the arrangement, but he should be safe.

Lacey: "Ruby Tuesday". This song just doesn't suit her voice. The arrangement is terrible and she's off key. She needs to sing things are cuter and more upbeat. Simon says she "sings like an actress". This might have put her at risk.

Andrew: "Gimme Shelter". Wow, unlike most of the judges, I love this. It's a little bit Tom Jones and that works for him. Is he finding a new groove? I think he's should be safe.

Katie: "Wild Horses". Actually version by the Sundays in 1992 is probably the gold standard of this version, and she's not anywhere close to that. It's like a church recital, and the pitch is all over the place. And what on earth is she wearing? Ugh. At risk.

Tim: "Under My Thumb". Are you kidding me? What on earth is this don't-worry-be-happy reggae arrangement? It's supposed to be a bitter, angry song and he's totally butchered it. At risk.

Siobhan: "Paint It Black". An ideal song choice for her. And the new look is awesome. Vocally it's not quite as good as other nights; she's quite a bit off-key in parts. But this might be the first time she seems like a legitimate pop star. Yeah, it's a bit Adam Lambert-y, and we might get tired of her big screamy note in each song. But she's almost certainly safe.

Lee: "Beast of Burden". His soft-rock arrangement actually works for this song, surprisingly. It's not really exciting, and it's not the greatest song in the world to start with. But it's right in his wheelhouse and he should be safe.

Paige: "Honky Tonk Woman". Uh. She's really trying here, and she's working through laryngitis , but it seems a bit corny. I think she'll be safe, but just barely.

Aaron. "Angie". This is a good song choice for him, and you know, he's singing it quite well. He needs to not try to dance. But this might be his best performance to date. I think he'll be safe.

Crystal. "You Can't Always Get What You Want". Again, a good song choice. It's a very strong performance, and she actually seems a bit happier and looser this week, like she's more into the competition. She's consistently strong and clearly one of the heavyweights. Safe.

Best performance: Siobhan.

Bottom three: Lacey, Katie, Tim.

Going home: Tim.
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Posted by Ken in: musictelevision


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