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College Football 2013: Week 6 Recap
Friday, 2013 October 11 - 9:30 am
Michigan wins the Little Brown Jug; N.C. State gets an ugly loss.

Michigan 42, Minnesota 13
Michigan ran, ran, and ran their way to this win. Determined to establish the running game, Michigan didn't throw a pass in the first quarter. The running game was effective if not flashy. If not for the fact that the game featured so few offensive plays (due to clock-chewing drives from both teams) the numbers might have looked better. Chris Bryant is now starting at guard, and while he made some pass protection mistakes, his run blocking looks pretty solid. Of course, Michigan went to an unbalanced line quite a bit and ran behind Taylor Lewan and Michael Schofield a lot of the day; that's a gimmick that won't work all of the time.

Meanwhile Devin Gardner did not turn the ball over and threw mostly on-target; a few passes were behind the receiver but most were catchable and none were egregiously into the hands of defenders. Devin Funchess played at wide receiver and looked like a true weapon.

On defense there are still a few issues... the defensive line is getting pushed around too much and the cornerbacks are getting turned around at times. But linebacker play has mostly been solid and that's been enough to get stops at key times.

Heroes: Devin Funchess, Fitzgerald Toussaint, Taylor Lewan.
Goats: None?

Penn State is next.

N.C. State 13, Wake Forest 28
One thing you can always count on, year after year, is that N.C. State simply doesn't have enough talent and depth to play well consistently week after week. They'll show flashes here and there, but then will crumble unexpectedly. It will take a few years of improved recruiting to fix this problem.

So yeah, State lost to a not-very-good Wake Forest team by turning the ball over twice, by failing to run the ball, and by giving up 268 yards through the air. Not much went right for State in this game.

State gets Syracuse next, who is also pretty lousy this year. Syracuse's coach is Scott Shafer, Michigan's former defensive coordinator.

Other Notable Games
#4 Ohio State beat #16 Northwestern 40-30. This game was close until the very end, when Northwestern's last desperation play ended up with a fumble recovery for a touchdown. Northwestern had a real opportunity to make a statement here; meanwhile Ohio State didn't do much to impress BCS voters, so it's kind of a lose-lose here.

#5 Stanford beat #15 Washington 31-28. I'm still impressed with Washington this year, and they play Oregon next.

#6 Georgia needed overtime to beat Tennessee 34-31. I still question how good SEC defenses are this year.

#8 Florida State beat #25 Maryland 63-0. What!? I guess Maryland's 37-0 win over West Virginia was a fluke.

#11 Oklahoma struggled to get by TCU 20-17. Oklahoma may be vulnerable to being upset by Texas this week if they keep playing like that.

#13 South Carolina narrowly beat Kentucky 35-28. I think South Carolina will lose three more games this year.

#17 Baylor ran up 73 points against West Virginia, winning 73-42.

Notre Dame managed to beat #22 Arizona State 37-34.

Auburn beat #24 Ole Miss 30-22; this really wasn't much of an upset.

Indiana stomped Penn State 44-24. Indiana's offense is legit, but Penn State... geez; that was a poor performance on defense.

Nebraska beat Illinois 39-19.

Michigan State beat Iowa 26-14.

Virginia Tech beat UNC 27-17. UNC is 1-4; yikes.

Ball State beat Virginia 48-27. Virginia is really bad.

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