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College Football 2013: Week 9 Recap
Monday, 2013 October 28 - 9:19 pm
Michigan was idle; N.C. State gets demolished.

Florida State 49, N.C. State 17
Well, I was pretty close with my 49-13 prediction. It wasn't even really that close; FSU raced out to a 42-0 halftime lead before getting a bunch of bench players into the game. Shadrach Thornton had 173 yards rushing, but 72 came on one play. Take that out, and NCSU was 41 rushes for 116 yards, a dismal 2.8 YPC. The passing game was no better, as Brandon Mitchell managed just 128 yards on 33 attempts: that's 3.9 YPA.

State's schedule gets easier from here, but no game is a gimme. I had thought the UNC game would be an easy win, but now I'm not so sure. Even ECU will present some problems matchup-wise. Still, if Mitchell and Thornton stay healthy then there's no reason State can't get to 8-4 and a respectable bowl game.

Other Notable Games
More big games and a few big upsets this week.

#1 Alabama didn't have much trouble with Tennessee, winning 45-10.

#3 Oregon took care of #12 UCLA 42-14, after being tied at the half. I'm still fairly impressed with UCLA this year, but Oregon is in a whole different league.

#4 Ohio State utterly crushed Penn State 63-14. It looks like Ohio State is starting to put it all together, a fact which is concerning for the rest of the Big Ten.

#5 Missouri is no longer undefeated, losing to #21 South Carolina 27-24 after blowing a big second half lead. Both of these teams still have a shot to win the SEC East, though.

#6 Stanford survived #25 Oregon State, winning 20-12.

#7 Miami barely beat Wake Forest, 24-21. Miami is undefeated but I'm not convinced they're a top ten team.

#10 Texas Tech is also no longer undefeated, losing to #15 Oklahoma 38-30. Texas Tech's start to the season was a bit of a fantasy; their schedule before last week had been pretty soft.

#14 Virginia Tech lost to Duke 13-10. Whaaat? Ha ha. Duke only had 198 yards of offense and 20:33 of possession time. Both teams had four turnovers but VT's were more harmful.

#16 Texas A&M knocked off Vanderbilt 56-24.

#25 Nebraska lost to Minnesota. I'm not really sure how this happened... is Nebraska really that bad? Suddenly people are realizing that their only wins have come from really bad teams.

Northwestern continues to self-destruct, losing to Iowa 17-10.

Michigan State beat Illinois 42-3, which has people talking up the Spartan offense... but the fact is, Illinois is a really terrible team.

UNC picked up a win against Boston College, which is a minor upset.

Ken's Top 10

1. Oregon 8-0
2. Florida State 7-0
3. Alabama 8-0
4. Ohio State 8-0
5. Baylor 7-0
6. Auburn 7-1
7. Stanford 6-1
8. Missouri 7-1
9. Clemson 7-1
10. Texas A&M 6-2
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