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College Football 2015: Week 2 Preview
Saturday, 2015 September 12 - 2:49 am
Michigan plays Oregon State; NCSU plays Eastern Kentucky.

Michigan vs. Oregon State.
This game is not to be confused with Michigan State vs. Oregon, which is also happening Saturday. While the Michigan game isn't a top-ten matchup with possible playoff implications, it's still Harbaugh's Michigan home debut, and it's important to the team's development.

Oregon State won last week, but it was against a dismal FCS opponent, Weber State. OSU still didn't manage to score a touchdown until the second half (they only led 6-0) and only managed to pass for 110 yards. OSU is definitely a run-heavy team, mostly on the legs of quarterback Seth Collins. Collins is basically the entire offense, so if Michigan can contain him, they're likely to succeed.

Odds are that Michigan will, in fact, have success against Collins. Michigan's defensive line looked good against Utah, and you can be sure that Michigan's safeties will frequently stack the box against the run. If Collins can throw downfield against press coverage, then good for him. But I bet he can't do it consistently.

Meanwhile Michigan's offensive line will get a chance to show they're not completely incompetent, by going up against an undersized OSU defensive line. If Michigan can't put up 200 yards on the ground against this defense, then it's going to be a long season.

I'm hopeful? Confident is too strong a word, still. But I think Michigan comes away with this one.

Prediction: Michigan 30, Oregon State 12

N.C. State vs. Eastern Kentucky
Seriously? Eastern Kentucky?

Now, it's true that this team whupped Valparaiso 52-10 last week. But to put that in perspective, Eastern Kentucky lost to Florida 52-3 last year, and Valparaiso was 4-8 last year with numerous lopsided losses.

This won't be much more than another tuneup for the Wolfpack. Expect the game to be essentially decided by halftime, after which Coach Doeren will call off the dogs.

Prediction: NCSU 53, Eastern Kentucky 16.

Games to Watch on TV
South Florida plays #11 Florida State at 11:30 AM Saturday on ESPN, which is only really notable for the early start.

Michigan plays Oregon State at noon on ABC.

Wake Forest plays Syracuse at 12:30; that game will be locally broadcast on WRAL.

#9 Notre Dame plays Virginia at 3:30 on ABC.

#19 Oklahoma plays #23 Tennessee at 6:00 PM ESPN. This is an intriguing matchup; both teams have potential this year. (Also at 6:00, the NCSU game is online-only on ESPN3.)

The obvious Game of the Week is #7 Oregon at #5 Michigan State. Expect this to be a high-scoring and entertaining game. It's on ABC. There's a pretty good case to be made for leaving the TV on ABC all day.

But during lulls, you can switch over to ESPN to see #14 LSU play #25 Mississippi State, starting at 9:15. Boise State plays (future Michigan opponent and Nebraska-beating-by-hail-Mary) BYU on ESPN2 starting at 10:15.
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