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College Football 2015: Week 4 Preview
Saturday, 2015 September 26 - 11:31 am
Michigan plays a dangerous BYU team. NCSU plays yet another cupcake, though maybe the toughest one of its non-conference schedule.

Michigan vs. BYU
You know this BYU team, the one with the Hail Mary to beat Nebraska, the one with the Hail Mary to beat Boise State... they are that kind of team. Freshman quarterback Tanner Mangum is capable of throwing the ball 70 yards in the air off his back foot. They have a stable of tall receivers that are capable of getting the jump balls. This game will hinge largely on Michigan's ability to stop big plays by BYU.

I don't think BYU will be able to run the ball on Michigan, and Michigan should get at least one sack or interception for every big play Mangum completes. So the matchup on the other side of the ball is important, too. BYU plays a weird shifting defense with sometimes just one defensive lineman. That works when 320-pound NFL prospect Travis Tuiloma, but he's likely to miss the game with an injury. So if Michigan's OL can target blocks correctly, the matchup looks promising. If Michigan can run the ball effectively, then we won't have to worry about Rudock putting the ball in the air; however, the passing matchup also looks promising as BYU's linebackers probably won't be able to keep up with Jake Butt.

The big plays will scare me. But I have to go with my heart and pick the home team to win.

Prediction: Michigan 24, BYU 21.

NCSU vs. South Alabama
South Alabama wouldn't be a team to talk about except that they've loaded their roster with transfers from UAB, who cancelled their football program (and then changed its mind, but too late to stop the transfers). So there's talent on this squad. However, they did get crushed by Nebraska two weeks ago, and they still won't have the horses to keep up with the Wolfpack.

Prediction: NCSU 56, South Alabama 10.

Games to Watch on TV
The Michigan-BYU game is on ESPN at noon. For a bit of schadenfreude, though, peek over at the Kansas-Rutgers game on BTN, which might be the first game in history where both teams have negative scores. #20 Georgia Tech also plays Duke on ESPN2, and #8 LSU plays Syracuse on ESPNU.

The 3:30 slate is a bit disappointing. Tennessee at Florida on CBS might be the best bet. #24 Oklahoma State at Texas is on ESPN.

The top games are in the Pac-12 this week, so the games will be on late. If you're not watching NCSU-USA on ESPNNEWS at 8:00, the Game of the Week is #9 UCLA at #16 Arizona on ABC.

There's also #18 Utah at #13 Oregon on Fox at 8:30 and #19 USC at Arizona State on ESPN at 10:30.

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