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College Football 2016: Week 3 Recap
Saturday, 2016 September 24 - 11:55 am
Sorry I've fallen behind a bit here, but I expect I'm the only one reading my own posts anyway. This blog has really just become an exercise in note-taking for me. Anyway: Michigan and NCSU both won last week.

Michigan 45, Colorado 28
Colorado jumped out to a quick 14-0 lead and things looked bad in the first half. Colorado took advantage of some poor play in the secondary to rip some big plays, while Michigan's offense went three-and-out on the first possession, and fumbled on a sack on the second.

But Michigan hung in there. Jake Butt had a big day, the running game finally got going, and Jabril Peppers made big plays on both defense and special teams. Peppers eventually returned a punt for a touchdown to seal the game. It certainly helped that Colorado's star quarterback Sefo Liufau was knocked out of the game. I think Michigan was on the way to winning anyway, but it might have been a lot closer if Liufau had gone the distance.

Are there concerns? Sure. The defensive secondary busts are worrying, but it's part of what we expect with DC Don Brown's hyper-aggressive defense. Plus, the busts should diminish with the return of Jourdan Lewis this week; and, we should note that Colorado's offense racked up 100 points in their first two games.

The offensive line didn't play well, but Colorado's defense has a legitimate NFL prospect at nose tackle. I think you'll see Colorado have a pretty good season as long as Liufau is healthy, and this game will certainly figure to be Michigan's best non-conference win.

Heroes: Jabrill Peppers, Jake Butt.
Goats: Safeties, Offensive line.

NCSU 49, Old Dominion 22
I have to say, I didn't pay any attention to this game, because... ODU. NCSU won this game comfortably, and a lot of ODU's scoring came after the outcome was essentially decided. But it's good to see that NCSU wins the games it's expected to. Ryan Finley continues to impress with good decision-making; he was 24 of 28 for 281 yards and three touchdowns.

Notable Games
#6 Houston whacked Cincinnati 40-16. Houston is weirdly the team to beat in Texas.
#1 Alabama survived a comeback from #19 Ole Miss and won 48-43.
#2 Florida State got demolished by #10 Louisville, 63-10. Louisville is scary good.
#3 Ohio State crushed #14 Oklahoma 45-24. Oklahoma isn't as good as everyone thought, but geez, Ohio State is significantly better than we feared.
#7 Stanford beat USC 27-10. USC is on the road to a losing season this year.
#9 Wisconsin somehow only beat Georgia State by 6, winning 23-17. Wisconsin is an enigma.
#11 Texas lost to Cal, 50-43.
#12 Michigan State beat #18 Notre Dame 36-28. Remember that Texas was hyped after beating Notre Dame, but by the transitive property of football, the Texas-Cal and ND-MSU outcomes this week tell me that none of these teams are really all that good.
#13 Iowa lost to FCS champion North Dakota State, which really isn't as much of an upset as it seems. But Iowa was certainly overrated and this loss really tarnishes their record.
#15 Tennessee struggled again against inferior competition, beating the Ohio Bobcats by just 28-19. Tennessee: also overrated.
#16 Georgia beat Missouri 28-27 with a late touchdown. Missouri isn't very good, so the closeness of this game should be concerning to Georgia. Or to put in another way, Georgia: overrated.
#17 Texas A&M beat a pretty good Auburn team, 29-16.
#20 LSU beat Mississippi State 23-20. Hard to figure out either of these teams; they both have the talent to win a lot of games, but seem to find ways to lose.
#22 Oregon lost to Nebraska 35-32. It's a good win for Nebraska, but Oregon certainly isn't the powerhouse it was in past years.
Penn State struggled to a 34-27 win against Temple, but hey, it's better than losing like last year, I guess.
Western Michigan beat Illinois 34-10, and it really wasn't an upset. Maybe WMU should join the Big Ten.
Northwestern managed to beat Duke 24-13, and that must mean Duke really sucks.
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Posted by Ken in: sports


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