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College Football 2016: Week 5 Recap
Saturday, 2016 October 8 - 11:40 am
Michigan grinds out a tough win; N.C. State beats Wake Forest.

Michigan 14, Wisconsin 7
This was a serious defensive struggle. Wisconsin's defense was every bit as advertised; however, so was Michigan's. When Michigan went up with a long touchdown pass in the second half, I was never really worried that Wisconsin would come back to win.

It would not have been nearly as close had it not been for Michigan's three missed field goals in the game. Kenny Allen had been pretty reliable in the past, so you have to believe his issues are fixable. We're going to need some semblance of a kicking game against the likes of Ohio State.

There wasn't much else to complain about in this game except for the loss of left tackle Grant Newsome, who went down with a gruesome leg injury. He's out for the season. Michigan put in Juwann Bushell-Beatty in his place. It's not certain that he'll remain there; it's possible Mason Cole will flip from center to tackle.

N.C. State 33, Wake Forest 16
This was a fairly pedestrian win for the Wolfpack, who jumped out to a big lead early on and were never really threatened. Ryan Finley threw for 300 yards and three touchdowns. Wake Forest had been a pretty good defensive team statistically prior to this game, but they'd never really played anyone, either.

This bodes well for N.C. State, as they continue to show that they win the games they're supposed to. They've yet to show that they can rise to the occasion to win the marquee matchups, though. Those opportunities will come in the back half of the season, which could be brutal with games against five ranked teams.

Notable Games
#10 Washington crushed #7 Stanford 44-6. Washington might actually be for real.

#5 Clemson beat #3 Louisville in an entertaining shootout. Louisville isn't out of the title hunt by any means.

#11 Tennessee beat #25 Georgia 34-31, on a last second Hail Mary pass. I still don't believe in Tennessee as an SEC contender.

North Carolina beat #12 Florida State on a last second field goal. FSU is in some trouble; they're out of the title race and could be out of the ACC race too.

#13 Baylor held off Iowa State 45-42.

Indiana beat #17 Michigan State 24-21 in overtime. It was a classic Sparty kind of game; Indiana missed a potential game-winning field goal, but MSU was penalized for illegally leaping for the block, so the Hoosiers got a second chance and took advantage of it. MSU is now 0-2 in the Big Ten.

Cal beat #18 Utah 28-23. Maybe Cal is better than we thought.

South Alabama beat #19 San Diego State 42-24, and someone remind me why SDSU was ranked at all?

Oklahoma beat #21 TCU 52-46. Oklahoma still isn't all that good, but they're dangerous enough to threaten good teams.

Oklahoma State beat #22 Texas 49-31. Texas is bad, you guys, and Charlie Strong is definitely on the hot seat.

#23 Florida eked by Vanderbilt 13-6.

Northwestern beat Iowa 38-31. Remember Northwestern, the team that lost to Western Michigan?

Maryland stomped Purdue 50-7. Maryland is unbeaten but we still don't know much about them. We'll get a better idea when they play Penn State.

Penn State beat Minnesota 29-26 in overtime, in a game that PSU desperately needed.

Virginia beat Duke 34-20. Remember Duke, the team that beat Notre Dame?

LSU beat Missouri 42-7 under interim coach Ed Orgeron. It remains to be seen whether LSU can maintain that energy all season long.
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