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College Football 2016: Week 7 Recap
Saturday, 2016 October 22 - 10:02 am
Michigan had a bye; NCSU lost a heartbreaker.

NC State 17, #3 Clemson 24 (OT)
NC State exceeded expectations in this game and had the fans quiet and nervous in Death Valley. State was never down by more than 7, and moved the ball surprisingly well against Clemson's defense. State had a golden opportunity to win the game in regulation and... missed the chip shot field goal. A turnover in overtime sealed State's fate.

The issue? Deshaun Watson, who racked up 378 yards passing and 35 yards rushing. He was too much. Clemson did turn the ball over four times but was 10 of 17 on third down and 3 of 4 on fourth down. NCSU couldn't get critical stops when it was needed, and by the time overtime came, the defense was gassed.

Still, this shows that NCSU is a better team than most people expected, and the next difficult test (against #7 Louisville) will very likely be closer than the 20-point spread.

Notable Games
#1 Alabama absolutely crushed #9 Tennessee 49-10. The SEC is Alabama and everyone else right now. Ugh.

#2 Ohio State squeaked out a 30-23 overtime win against #8 Wisconsin. Wisconsin seemed to have solved the OSU defense with an unpredictable mix of power running and jet sweeps, but sometimes bogged down and failed to convert their good drives into touchdowns. But it's a good sign since Michigan runs a similar offensive scheme as Wisconsin.

#10 Nebraska beat Indiana 27-22. Indiana is a bit of a dangerous team this year; their defense is vastly improved over last year.

#12 Ole Miss lost to #22 Arkansas 34-30.

#13 Houston eked out a win over a pretty good Tulsa team, 38-31.

#14 Florida State won a pretty ugly game over Wake Forest 17-6. Florida State is predictably inconsistent this year with their freshman quarterback.

UNC beat #16 Miami 20-23. UNC had a weird aberrant loss against Virginia Tech, but they still look like a pretty good team.

Speaking of the #17 Hokies, they lost to a not-very-good Syracuse team 31-17. They're still a dangerous team, though, and right in the thick of the ACC race.

#24 Western Michigan looks like a Power-5 team, waxing Akron 41-0. The Broncos may well finish the season undefeated.

Northwestern beat Michigan State 54-40. MSU is in a death spiral, and the mood in the locker room cannot be good.

Minnesota beat Maryland 31-10. Maryland is improved under former Michigan DC D.J. Durkin... but still has work to do.

Iowa beat Purdue 49-35. Iowa is not very good.

USC crushed Arizona 48-14. Rich Rod is struggling to get his offense going.

Stanford beat Notre Dame 17-10. Neither team looked great.

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