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College Football 2016: Week 9 Preview
Saturday, 2016 October 29 - 10:07 am
Michigan plays Michigan State; NCSU plays Boston College.

#2 Michigan at Michigan State, 12:00 PM ESPN
We shall not speak about last year's game, except to say that I stopped blogging football last year because of it.

Michigan State is a dumpster fire this year. There are weaknesses everywhere: offensive line, quarterback, defensive line, secondary, quarterback. Years of sub-par recruiting are finally coming back to haunt the Spartans. They're now arguably worse than all three directional-Michigan university teams (Western, Eastern, Central) and would be hard-pressed to beat Rutgers.

That being said, they'll probably wildly outperform their expectations today, because they are jerks and want to spoil everything.

No, just kidding.

Let's give them some credit. They've got good coaches and they have some big-play potential. They will probably have to resort to long bombs and trick plays to score, and that might work a few times.

Realistically and statistically, I'm thinking this will be a blowout. But this is a rivalry game so I'm going to be conservative with my prediction.

Prediction: Michigan 38, Michigan State 15.

NC State vs. Boston College, 12:30 PM ACC Network
Boston College is not a good team. Their wins are against Mass, Wagner, and Buffalo. They got blown out by Virginia Tech and Clemson, and they've lost to mediocre Georgia Tech and Syracuse. This is exactly the time of game State has shown it can win consistently. It should be a good bounce-back game for the Wolfpack after a demoralizing outing last week.

Prediction: NC State 42, Boston College 6.

Games to Watch on TV
Michigan plays at noon on ESPN, and NC State plays at 12:30 on the ACC Network. There aren't really any other good early games to compete for your eyeballs.

At 3:30 there's a wide selection of interesting games, #14 Florida plays Georgia on CBS. #8 Baylor plays Texas on ABC. #4 Washington plays #17 Utah on FS1 (this is the ESPN College Gameday game). Miami plays Notre Dame on NBC. Northwestern plays #6 Ohio State on ESPN.

At 7:00 PM, #7 Nebraska plays #11 Wisconsin on ESPN; this is the Game of the Week with significant Big Ten playoff implications. At 8:00, #3 Clemson plays #12 Florida State on ABC. Your nightcap game is Stanford at Arizona at 11:00 PM on FS1.
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