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College Football 2017 Week 1 Recap
Saturday, 2017 September 9 - 11:47 am
Michigan trounced Florida last week; N.C. State lost to South Carolina.

Michigan 33, Florida 17
This wasn't as close as the score indicates; Florida was in this game thanks to consecutive interceptions thrown by Wilton Speight. If not for those errant throws, this game could have been 47-3.

Michigan dominated on both lines of scrimmage, and beat Florida decisively in both the running and the passing games. It was a complete victory; afterwards, Florida coach Jim McElwain could only shake his head and say that Michigan was physically a superior team.

There was a lot to like offensively, with three different running backs all showing vision and speed. Ty Isaac seems to finally be showing us why he was a five-star recruit; he broke off multiple third-and-long runs by setting up his blocks and sprinting to daylight. Mason Cole and Ben Bredeson were road-graders on the left side of the line. The right side of the line was a bit shakier, with new right tackle Nolan Ulizio having a rough time with Florida's talented defensive ends. Not to worry, though; he'll have five weeks of cupcakes to refine his game.

On defense, the big surprise was that Don Brown brought out a legit, Rich Rodriguez and Jeff Casteel 3-3-5 stack defense, and actually knew how to run it. Those of you who paid attention back in the RichRod days remember Scott Shafer and Greg Robinson utterly lost trying to implement this defense; Don Brown seems to have perfected it on his first try. The defense left the Florida offense confused; the pinnacle came late in the game, when a missed assignment between the left tackle and left guard let Chase Winovich come through unblocked for a sack-fumble-touchdown.

N.C. State 28, South Carolina 35
Welp. This is not the year.

N.C. State thoroughly outgained South Carolina, but the difference in this game turned out to be the very first play: South Carolina returned the opening kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown. Oh, and there was the inability to finish drives on offense, the two fumbles, and a general lack of consistency that doomed the Wolfpack in the end. It was a thoroughly disappoint start to what was supposed to be a good season.

N.C. State has two softer opponents before a showdown with FSU in week 4. Hopefully the team uses the time to work on special teams and ball security drills.

Notable Games
Maryland beat Texas 51-41; that was satisfying. So much for the Tom Herman hype. Alabama beat (up) Florida State 24-7, and knocked FSU QB Deandre Francois out for the season. UCLA came back from an astounding 34-point deficit to beat Texas A&M 45-44.
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