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College Football 2018 Week 9 Recap
Saturday, 2018 November 3 - 9:51 am
N.C. State lost to Syracuse; Penn State beat Iowa.

Michigan: Bye
Michigan gets an extra week of practice to prepare for Penn State.

N.C. State 41, Syracuse 51
Well, so much for defense. Syracuse and N.C. State combined for 953 yards passing (out of 1102 total yards), as both quarterbacks repeatedly torched the secondaries with long downfield throws. But State threw an interception early and got basically failed to hold serve, allowing Syracuse to take the lead in the first quarter and never relinquish it.

It was a bit of a surprisingly poor performance from State, and now I'm worrying that State' defense is perhaps a bit suspect; looking back at the past wins State has had, there have been very few quality offenses on the schedule. Fortunately, the remainder of the schedule seems very manageable and a solid season is still in reach.

Penn State 30, Iowa 24
This was a close game, as expected, but Trace McSorley came through again, tallying 257 all purpose yards and scoring a key 51-yard rushing touchdown. Meanwhile, Iowa quarterback Nate Stanley had a miserable day, completing just 18 of 49 passes and throwing two interceptions.

Despite that, Iowa had a chance to win late. Iowa's a solid team and this is a good win for Penn State; perhaps this will be a springboard for the rest of the season. Then again... Michigan is next.

Notable Games
So we have to talk about the Big Ten West chaos here. Northwestern beat #20 Wisconsin 31-17, and Michigan State beat Purdue 23-13. With that, and the Iowa loss, Northwestern controls its own destiny at 5-1 in the conference, but Wisconsin, Purdue, and Iowa all lurk at 3-2. Because of that, there's a scenario where Iowa wins out and the division championship goes at least to the fifth tiebreaker, which is the overall cumulative record of the each team's cross-division opponents. There's also a scenario where Northwestern loses three times and still might play in the Big Ten championship with an overall record of 5-7. Yikes.

Oklahoma State beat #6 Texas 38-35, which improves Michigan's playoff odds and might knock out the Big-12 completely.

#7 Georgia beat #9 Florida 36-17, so Georgia is back in the picture.

#12 Kentucky managed to hang on against Missouri 15-14, and their surprisingly successful season continues.

#14 Washington State beat #24 Stanford 41-38, which might slightly clarify the Pac-12 North picture... unless they lose to Washington at the end of the year, in which case there might be chaos there too, because #12 Washington lost to Cal 12-10. Oh, and #19 Oregon lost to Arizona 44-15, which is just inexplicable.

Ken's Top 10
#1. Alabama 8-0
#2. Clemson 8-0.
#3. LSU 7-1.
#4. Notre Dame 8-0.
#5. Georgia 7-1.
#6. Michigan 7-1.
#7. Oklahoma 7-1.
#8. Ohio State 7-1.
#9. Washington State 7-1.
#10. Kentucky 7-1.
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