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Saturday Recap
Sunday, 2005 July 17 - 1:12 pm
It was a very long and very tiring day, but in a good way.

Yesterday was so exhausting, I just didn't have the time or energy to post.

In the morning I went golfing in a sort of tournament that my friend Bob sets up every year. It's a superball (captain's choice) tournament, meaning that all four players on the team hit from the same point, and then you select the best shot as the starting point for the next shot.

We shot a respectable 7-under 64 for the day, but that did not turn out to be enough to win. I wasn't much help for most of the day, because I was completely wild off the tee. I did make one long birdie putt, and on the 181-yard par-3 16th, over the water and into the wind, we used my shots for the entire hole. (Three-wood to the fringe; a 7-iron chip from about 35 feet, leaving a 2-foot putt for par.) So at least I felt like I made some contribution. I might not be any closer to being Tiger Woods (who, by the way, won the British Open in convincing fashion, hooray!) but at least I hit some good iron shots and wasn't a completely useless lump out there.

After golf, I had about two hours to rehydrate and nap, in preparation for going to the Violent Femmes concert.

I met up with my friend Anna and her posse of beautiful people for a few pre-concert drinks. We walked to Moore Square at about 9:00 p.m. and the place was PACKED. People were excited about the show, but I could tell that more than half of the people probably had no idea who the Violent Femmes were... most of them were probably three years old when the Femmes were popular (in the late 1980s).

The show started up and they played a few downtempo songs that no one knew. Even I didn't know two of the first three songs, and I'm a pretty big fan. But then they played "Blister in the Sun" at about the sixth song, and the crowd went wild.

The show went better after that, even through a few more stretches of little-known songs. (A lot of people didn't even know "Fat", which was used to promote Kirstie Alley's TV show "Fat Actress", and which got some radio airplay in the early 1990s.) At the end, my friends were asking me what songs were left, and I said "They HAVE to play 'Add It Up' and 'Kiss Off'". And they did, as the last couple of songs of the night. And the crowd went wild.

It was a fantastic show, despite the crowd and the heat. They sounded great, almost just like they did twenty years ago. It was a little weird because Gordon Gano and Victor De Lorenzo look like middle-aged dads. As Monocerdo implied, the counter-culture sarcasm of the line "I hope you know that this will go down on your permanent record" is just a little bit lost when the singer looks like The Man. But in this case, perhaps it was fortunate that we weren't close enough to the stage to see them all that well. I just listened and danced and imagined that we were in some tiny underground club in the 1980s, and I loved it.

Afterwards we went back to Anna's to party, and more beautiful people showed up. There was even a pretty single girl there, but I'm not going to jinx anything by talking about her just yet.

I stayed until about 2:00 a.m. When I got home I found a message on my answering machine, saying that we weren't going "water-skiing" Sunday. I was relieved because I knew I wouldn't have had the energy to do it, especially if there was going to be any three-way action afterwards.

This morning I slept until noon, and I am going to spend the day vegetating. Ahhh.
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Posted by Ken in: life


Comment #1 from Sonja (Guest)
2005 Jul 18 - 11:10 am : #
The husband was SO UPSET that he didn't know about the Femmes concert until we were on our way out to a swing dance. But to make up for it, we ditched the swing dance and did shots instead. Heehee. I think he'll survive.

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