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Blog Note: Site Updates... and Recap
Friday, 2005 May 13 - 11:49 pm
Looking back on twenty months of blogging.

So, the lovely Julie in Miami was visitor number 20000, as far as I can tell. I don't actually know Julie directly but she's a friend of Jen and she's a lawyer, and that's good enough for me. As Cibo Matto says, "We Love Our Lawyers", here at The Real Kato Online.

For those of you who may be new here (and yeah, I'm talking about YOU, Speaker Wiggin), welcome. You may be tempted to go back and read some of my older stuff, but perhaps you're wondering where to begin. After all, I've got more than 450 articles now, and SURPRISINGLY, not all of them are winners. To help you out, I'm going to take this opportunity to recap a bit. It's kind of like that "Lost" flashback episode, except without the weird voiceover.

First of all, everything that's more than a year old here is pretty boring. Really. I don't think I really found my voice until around last year's election, when political rage drove me to write with more passion. And I didn't really write anything interesting (i.e. personal) until around last Thanksgiving. That's when I really started to get an increase in web traffic, so I figure I must have started doing something right.

So now, in a display of utter self-congratulatory narcissism, here are some specific articles that I'm proud of.

Articles That May Make You Laugh

- Say Again? A fictional piece. Many of my friends say this is their favorite article.

- The Men's Room. This really set the tone for future articles.

- Oh, You Fat Penguin. Javi called this the best blog ever, though he was probably drunk at the time. (Well, maybe at least drunk with POWER.)

- Oh... No... The now-famous poop story.

Articles That May Make You Cry

- The Curious Incident of the Cat on the Doorstep. A heartbreaking and true story. If you have tears, they WILL be jerked.

- The Story of Leigh. It's a story about a girl I knew named... well, you can probably figure it out.

Articles That Make You Go Hmmm

- A Message of Thanks to Bush Voters. This was one of my most controversial articles. It really got people's attention. I'm very proud of it, though I should warn you that if you were actually a Bush voter, you'd probably be offended by it.

- The Great Beyond. Oh, I do like this one. It's about death. And chicken wings.

- The Meaning of Life. No, really.

The Minutiae of Life

- Ramblings. This is utterly pointless, but it makes me laugh when I go back and read it.

- Cheese Sandwich. Written because Melissa said "cheese sandwich" one day.

Blog Landmarks

- A review of Lost. It's only notable because I wrote it before I knew that Javi was writing for the show.

- The Turkey Obsession. This was my first "funny ha-ha" article.

- Back in the Saddle. This is the point where I said, "Fuck it, I don't care what everyone thinks about me". It's actually changed the way I think of myself in the non-blog world, too, so I think of it as a turning point in my life.

I can't say enough how much I love my little blog audience, and how much I enjoy writing for you all. Thanks to all my readers for being so kind and supportive in your comments and e-mails. And, I'll repeat something I've said before: if you don't have a blog, start one! If there's anything I like as much as writing in my own blog, it's reading all of yours.

See you all at 30000.

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Posted by Ken in: interestingsite-business


Comment #1 from Speaker (Guest)
2005 May 14 - 6:26 pm : #
Me!? What about Tidmore?

Must go over all this SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!

recaps are fun :D
Comment #2 from Travis Tidmore (Guest)
2005 May 16 - 2:40 pm : #
Yeah What about me?!?!?!

I mean Speaker gets a shout out but not me the once great man known as Tidmore?!?!?!
Comment #3 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2005 May 20 - 9:45 am : #
And what about me? I mean all these other guys get shout outs. Just because I failed to actually post until today does not excuse the lack of a shout out!

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