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BlogHer Summary Post
Monday, 2005 August 1 - 5:36 pm
A meta-post with links to all my BlogHer-related entries.

I am back from BlogHer. It feels weird, going back to the mundane drivel of my everyday life, after being at such a stimulating event and meeting such fascinating people. I'm a little bit sad about that. I have to remember that there are still important and interesting things waiting for me back home, and I have to remember to appreciate those things.

But I'll hang on to the memories of a night full of laughter, spent with people I now consider to be intimate friends, even though I never met any of them before. I'm eternally grateful to Jory and Lisa and Elisa for putting on such a spectacular event and for making me (a man!) feel so welcome. I'm grateful to the other BlogHer organizers and volunteers for all their hard work. And, of course, I'm grateful to all the brilliant and beautiful conference attendees for making everything such a success.

BlogHers, you do not need my validation or my stamp of approval. Instead, I offer you my congratulations. You should smack anyone who is surprised that an event designed by women, for women, would be such a success. I'm not surprised. I'm just pleased.

I hope to see you all again soon.

Here are the entries I've written about BlogHer:

Pre-Conference and Interim Entries

BlogHer? I Don't Even Know Her (June 21)
Watch Out Ladies
(June 27)
I Blog Like a Girl
(June 29)

My Personal BlogHer Agenda (July 22)
Preparations (July 27)
OMG (July 29)
OMG Part II (July 29; coverage of Friday travel)
Not a Real Update (July 30)
Wait, Just a Little More (July 31)

BlogHer Coverage

BlogHer Coverage 1: Friday Dinner
BlogHer Coverage 2: Saturday Early Morning
BlogHer Coverage 3: Saturday Late Morning
BlogHer Coverage 4: Lunch
BlogHer Coverage 5: Standing Room Only
BlogHer Coverage 6: Saturday Afternoon
BlogHer Coverage 7: More Saturday Afternoon
BlogHer Coverage 8: Saturday Evening
BlogHer Coverage 9: The End?
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Posted by Ken in: bloggerslife


Comment #1 from Judey (Guest)
2005 Aug 1 - 9:07 pm : #
For weeks the sun rose and set on Suburban bliss. Did you get to meet her? The suspense is killing me. Was she everything you had hoped she'd be?
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Aug 1 - 11:53 pm : #
Well, you know, I did meet Melissa, but only very briefly, so I don't have any good stories to tell about her. With all that happened during the conference, I guess our paths just didn't cross that much.
Comment #3 from Donna (Guest)
2005 Aug 2 - 2:35 am : #
What a great account of the weekend! Thank you!

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