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Blog Notes
Tuesday, 2005 October 11 - 8:51 am
Must... post...

Posts may be sparse over the next week or so, as the staff of the Real Kato Online has a ton of activities planned. (It seems like lots of people are having trouble posting regularly these days.) Hopefully next week there'll be posts with descriptions of all those activities. And pictures.

I'm working on transcribing Amy's "I set a hooker on fire in Reno" story. Amy has a ton of fantastic stories and I wish she had a blog where she'd post them... but then again, maybe I've hit upon a rich new source of material for MY blog. Look for some new funny-ha-has in the near future.

I still haven't completed my planned project to revamp this web site with a new MySQL/PHP system. It's one of those things I just need to sit down and knock out some weekend, but autumn is tough for that, what with all the important football-watching that I have to do.

Anyway, bear with me, folks; I'll keep posting as best I can.
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Posted by Ken in: site-business


Comment #1 from Noelle (Guest)
2005 Oct 11 - 3:07 pm : #
Oh rock on about the hooker fire story, I was beginning to give up hope. And about voting Republicans in as a harbinger to the end of the world, let's all remember that the house and senate continue to be somewhat evenly divided between parties (give or take) and the vote to go to war was an overwealming majority. This is not necessarly a party "problem". Forgive me, after living in Washington DC for 10 years I became painfully aware that the real power lies in congress - the president, although a powerful influence, is basically a figure head. This may seem silly, given the impression we all get from the press and our understanding of the checks and balances of the government branches, but live there - and you will know what I'm talking about.
Comment #2 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2005 Oct 11 - 11:50 pm : #
How is it that I qualify as "lots of people"? Is it because of my multiple personality disorder? Also, if you think you're feeling slack now, just wait until you haven't posted in 3 weeks. Then you'll know the REAL blogger's guilt. Unlike your girlfriend, it ain't perty.
Comment #3 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Oct 12 - 9:13 am : #
You're "lots of people" because I check your blog three times more often than everyone else's blogs combined.
Comment #4 from MonoCerdo (Guest)
2005 Oct 12 - 5:30 pm : #
Oh, dear. That's so terribly kind and so terribly unfortunate since it's updated once every six weeks now. GUILT GUILT GUILT.

But anyway, thanks. That means a lot.

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