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Blog People
Wednesday, 2005 October 12 - 9:05 am
A couple of shout-outs here.

First, hello Donna. Donna is friend from waaaaaay back in 7th grade. Or maybe even before? My elementary school memories are a bit fuzzy. Anyway, I've known her since we were both scrawny little kids. In my 8th grade yearbook, she wrote: "Ken, I'm glad I was in the same algebra class as you. Have a great summer and good luck in everything. Donna." Ahh, yes, we were best buds.

I think the last time I saw her was at a party in college, where I distinctly remember noticing that she'd grown up to be a really attractive woman. Okay, mostly, I noticed that she'd grown boobs. Hey, I was a teenager, you know.

Donna discovered my blog and signed my guest book, and ta da! Behold the power of the blogosphere; it has put me in touch with yet another long-lost friend.

Second, hello Marsha, who also signed my guest book. I'm not sure I have any connection to her other than the fact that we're both Asian and approximately the same age (I think), but I suppose that's enough. Plus, she has what might be considered a "mommy-blog", and you know me, I'm all about the mommy-blogs.

A note about the guest book, by the way. I'm the one who put the first entry in it, the Ralph Wiggum quote "My cat's name is Mittens". I just put that there because my guest book sat empty for a looooong time, and that seemed sad. Anyway, the quote seems to have inspired everyone to mention their own cats. I think that's terribly funny.
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Posted by Ken in: bloggerslife


Comment #1 from Noelle (Guest)
2005 Oct 12 - 11:31 am : #
Ken, did you see this???
Posted on the website of country music star Chris Cagle.(not that I'm a fan, but his message to his fans was pointed out to me). Oh, ouch! This seriously deserves your comments dude...
Comment #2 from Donna (Guest)
2005 Oct 13 - 12:01 am : #
Excellent!! The last time I was referenced by a classmate in a blog it was "Donna that really short quiet girl". I like really attractive with boobs much better. Thanks Ken! :)

Okay here's what Ken wrote in my 8th grade yearbook: "To Donna, You're real nice and sweet, even though you're quiet. I hope you're in some of my classes next year. From your friend Ken Kato." Dang back to the quiet thing again. At least you didn't call me short.

By the way I'm now 5'7" and people shush me all the time.
Comment #3 from MarshaTM (Guest)
2005 Oct 17 - 6:57 pm : #
Thanks for the shout out!

I don't think we're even the same age, judging by the fact that I can't remember any parties in college.

Oh, wait - maybe that's not because of age.

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