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Trips I Am Not Taking
Saturday, 2007 August 4 - 10:54 am
Rather than bore you with stories of summer vacation trips, let me tell you about all the places I'm not going.

So I didn't go to BlogHer 2007.

Yes, I would have liked to have seen Amy Sedaris and Elizabeth Edwards. Yes, I would have like to have caught up with all my BlogHer friends from years past. But this year, I was consumed with the move, and it just didn't seem like I'd have time to go. Plus, I'm not sure how much more I'd get out of the conference itself. Last year I already had a sense that I was listening to many of the same topics I'd heard the first year. If I were to go again, I feel like I'd want to be a contributor, so I could break some new ground... but then again, as a man, I don't think that would be appropriate.

Really, the primary purpose for going this year would have been to visit arañacerdo in Chicago. But I guess that can be its own trip. Someday.

I also didn't go to my 20-year high school reunion. I guess that's happening this weekend. Again, there were lots of reasons I wanted to go... a number of my high school friends, whom I haven't seen in AGES, would have been there. But as compared to my ten-year reunion, things are a little different. For one, I'm married now, which makes it less necessary for me to pine over girls I had crushes on during high school. Second, I now have my annual Las Vegas trip, which keeps me in contact with a lot of my high school friends anyway. Third, if anyone really wants to keep up with me, there's always my blog. Cathy and Donna, if you were there, sorry I missed you. Jen, we need to get our drama club reunion together anyway.

Finally, I didn't take a trip to Japan to introduce Amy to all my relatives. That was a trip we'd looked forward to since last year. But three things happened: first, the dang passport fiasco caused us to not get The Boy's passport until it was practically too late. Second, we basically ran out of spending money. I am loathe to repeat what happened last year, when I had to sell a bunch of stock to pay for our wedding, and I got waxed by capital gains taxes. Third, a guy left our company a few months ago... and he was the only guy there who could have covered all my responsibilities for two weeks. It would have been tough to be away for two weeks.

So there you go. We've been busy here at home, and that's fine. But I think we need to take a trip at some point. Possibilities include: Michigan + Ohio (Cedar Point), New York, Washington DC... all of those could be long weekend trips, and wouldn't be too expensive.
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Posted by Ken in: life


Comment #1 from John C (Guest)
2007 Aug 6 - 12:07 am : #
Donna and Kathy (Condi) were there. So were lotsa other people, it was fun. Blogging to follow
Comment #2 from DonnaF (Guest)
2007 Aug 6 - 12:27 am : #
We missed you but understand. I would love it if you and Jen planned another HP reunion. Let me know what I could do to help.
Comment #3 from Brett (Guest)
2007 Aug 6 - 2:27 am : #
Ken, let me know if you need a date for the next one. It'd be mutually benefitial. For me? It'd give me an excuse to go back to MI. And for you? Braaaaaaaaaaging riiiiiiiights!!! Something to think about.
Comment #4 from araƱacerdo (Guest)
2007 Aug 8 - 3:46 pm : #
Spiderpig! I may have to change my URL. Also, I would be delighted to have you guys visit Chicago any time, so do add that to your list of possibilities.

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