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Hey How's It Going
Wednesday, 2007 September 5 - 10:19 pm
You know the old cliché.... all white people look alike. Am I right, fellow Asians?

I'll come right out and say it: if you're a white guy, I'm only about 50% sure about what your name is.

I don't have much trouble remembering the names of white women, because I spent all those years as a single guy learning how to memorize every detail of a woman's face and personality. Within the first thirty seconds of meeting a woman, I would think, "Note to self: she's got blue eyes, three freckles on her nose, and a dimple on her left cheek... and her name rhymes with a female body part. Check." As a single guy, there was a significant incentive to pay close attention.

But white men? It just didn't seem that important to remember their names. "He's a guy... and, his name is probably Scott or Dennis or something." And if the guy is a white male engineer, then he's probably wearing white tennis shoes and a golf shirt, and there's no chance of distinguishing him from any other white male engineer in existence.

So, co-workers, when you say hello to me in a hallway, my response is very likely to be, "Hey, how's it going?" Because although I have a vague notion of what your name might be, I don't want to take the chance of getting it wrong. It would actually be much easier if you would just change your name to Hey Howsitgoing. That would really be convenient, Scott or Dennis... I'd very much appreciate it.

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Posted by Ken in: funnyhaha


Comment #1 from Phil (Guest)
2007 Sep 6 - 1:09 am : #
When I was in high school (and the drinking age was 18), my (white) friend Tarus used to buy lots of beers at a local Chinese restaurant, despite the fact that he was only 16 or 17. "We all look the same to you guys, anyway," he explained.
Comment #2 from Timothy Ross (Guest)
2007 Sep 6 - 10:25 am : #
I agree...

I have a hard time telling myself apart.
Comment #3 from John C (Guest)
2007 Sep 7 - 6:21 pm : #
Yeah and all of our hair is the same color...
Comment #4 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2007 Sep 9 - 11:49 am : #
Mark, Steve, Jason ... if he's white and between 35 and 45, you might be right 50% of the time with one of these names.

Unrelated: Do engineers really still wear the white sneakers, faded dad jeans, and golf shirt uniform?
Comment #5 from Ken (realkato)
2007 Sep 10 - 10:26 am : #
Yes, they really do.

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