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Tonight's Drunken Babbling
Wednesday, 2005 June 8 - 11:27 pm
Truth is stranger than fiction. Even when drunk.

Congratulations to the University of Michigan women's softball team for winning the school's first ever national championship in this sport. Whoo hoo! Even if it's a sport I don't normally watch, it's still my alma mater and it's still a sport. We're only a couple of weeks from the Great Summer Sports Drought, when there'll be nothing to watch except Major League Baseball, which would be the least interesting sport ever invented if not for the sprinkling of Japanese players involved.

Did you watch "The Real Gilligan's Island" tonight, featuring Durham's own Professor Andrew? This show is a major train wreck, and it seems like they go out of their way to cast the most irritating and unlikable people they can find. But I have to watch, because I know Professor Andrew, and I'm curious to see if he hooks up with MaryAnn Randi. (There are a few people I know who have met Professor Andrew and his girlfriend, and we're quite interested to see what happens here.)

News flash: apparently, a woman's ability to have an orgasm might possibly be genetic. I know that there are a lot of guys out there thinking of the obvious response to this finding: "So, it's not just me, then." But not me, because the women that I'm with ALWAYS at least pretend to have orgasms, and sometimes I'm even there to witness it.

Our ever-vigilant customs agents allowed THIS guy to enter the country with a car full of bloody weapons, including a BLOODY CHAIN SAW.

And I don't mean "bloody" in the British "damnable" sense, I mean "bloody" as in "covered with the fresh blood of the 74-year-old musician he had recently killed". Boy, aren't you glad we spend so much time making sure the terminally ill aren't allowed to smoke a little weed? Because surely THAT'S the greatest threat to this country.

Finally, I'm doing a little drinking tonight. Perhaps I can fly for America West.
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Posted by Ken in: commentarysportstelevision


Comment #1 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2005 Jun 10 - 8:36 am : #
Go Blue!!!

And one of my friends in Canada sent me that story about the guy. WTF?!?!? I go over to Canada often and it's always more of a pain coming back and getting the 3rd degree from power mad customs agents. Good to know that they're busy trying to intimidate an ordinary average guy like me instead of looking for psychos.
Comment #2 from Cori (Guest)
2005 Jun 13 - 7:00 pm : #
And hey, I can't get into the country to live with my husband. Maybe I should have killed someone first.

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