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Nortel Layoff Update
Friday, 2005 June 10 - 10:34 pm
It has begun.

This is an update from my last article about Nortel layoffs.

This week, a round of layoffs has started. A lot of product verification engineers (testers) and patch (bug fix) writers have been let go. Supposedly, design engineers are on the block for next week. From what I hear, some groups are losing about 30% of their staff.

The next big round of layoffs is supposed to be in September, and then there'll be another round in December. By early next year, the RTP site should be gone altogether.

What amazes me is this: there's very little mainstream press coverage about this. It seems like I'm the primary source of information on the Internet right now, judging from my Google hits.

Oh, and this may be related: Nortel's chief operating officer and president, Gary Daichendt, abruptly resigned today, citing differences with chief executive Bill Owens. The chief technology officer, Gary Kunis, also resigned.

Nortel's stock closed at $2.58 today, down $0.23 for the day.

Any Nortellians reading this, please feel free to comment (anonymously, if you like) about anything else you might know.
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Posted by Ken in: commentary


Comment #1 from Mitchell Craig (Guest)
2005 Jun 12 - 10:48 pm : #
You are absolutely correct as far as information and resources. The N&O had a business article today - both pro & con- from market analysts.

Nortel has always been the most unstable company in RTP. The most layoffs, growth, and more layoffs. These guys need to get a clue as how to manage an R&D player. The "good old boys", that are functioning alcoholics, need to resign and drink on their own time.

Comment #2 from Anonymous (Guest)
2005 Jul 6 - 3:52 pm : #
Nortel is in the process of closing R&D in RTP. When the process is complete the RTP site will be a sales, marketing, and training location. A little less than a year ago an R&D effectiveness study was performed.

Based on this study, RTP became the first candidate to be closed given its cost and the work that was being performed. By early next year there will be about 100 R&D engineers left and they will be working for other Nortel facilties, namely Richardson and Ottawa. Most positions in RTP will be moved to the Beijing lab, Turkey (NETAS), Ottawa or will be eliminated.
Comment #3 from Anonymous (Guest)
2005 Dec 15 - 6:08 pm : #
Folks... There'll be more to come as always.
The new CEO will focus on wireless. So, unless
you're wireless, adios!

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