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American Idol, Week 12
Tuesday, 2007 May 8 - 9:13 pm
It's Bee Gees night.

Melinda: 7.5/10 (7/10; 8/10).
Song 1. She sings "Love You Inside and Out". The singing is okay but the song is, well, boring. A thousand Bee Gees songs to pick from, and she takes this? Randy says it was solid, but he's not jumping up and down. Paula says her vocals are always spot on, but she's looking for something that's going to make us go whoa whoa whoa whoa. Simon says expects incredible, and that wasn't; it was more of a backing vocalist's performance, not a star's performance.
Song 2. She sings "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart". It's an improvement, but I'm waiting for it to build into something... and waiting. It finally does something at the end, and she's good, but it almost seems like an afterthought. I'm still not wowed by it. Randy likes it. Paula says she would like her to throw her technique away and do, uh, something else. Simon says the second half of the song has put her into the semifinals.

Blake: 5/10 (5/10; 5/10).
Song 1. He sings "You Should Be Dancing". Oh, this is a mess. His falsetto is way off, and the beat boxing is just garish. This doesn't fit at all. Randy says the beat boxing didn't work, and it felt corny. Paula says it started shaky and the pitch was off, but the beat boxing shows musicianship. Simon says he'll give him unique, but he thought it was absolutely terrible.
Song 2. He sings "This Is Where I Came In". Uh, hmm. The singing is pretty weak, and there was a reason this song wasn't a hit for the Bee Gees. The style is all over the place, and I just don't get it at all. Oh Blake, what happened to you? Randy says it was better but he's still not jumping up and down; he doesn't have to beat box on every song. Paula says he's the contemporary rebel, and she didn't know the song but she enjoyed him singing it. Simon says the song was tuneless, and these haven't been good performances.

Lakisha: (5/10; 7/10).
Song 1. She sings "Stayin' Alive". She sounds like she just ran a marathon. What is this? She doesn't go for the high notes... it's almost tuneless. And then she does her usual shouting thing. This is a mess too. Randy says it was weird, and her changes weren't working; she tried to do too much. Paula says taking the tempo down brought the crowd down. Simon says no kiss tonight; we're back to the shouting, and the performance was verging on scary.
Song 2. She sings "Run To Me". It starts gently, which is a nice change for her. Can she keep it understated? Uh, no. She's gotta have that big shouty section. And erk, there were some really off pitches there. But it wasn't terrible. Randy says it was an improvement, despite a hoarse note. Paula says don't beat herself up (about that note?). Simon says it was an improvement but she's vulnerable.

Jordin: 9/10 (9/10; 9/10).
Song 1. She sings "Love Somebody". Finally a good song choice. This suits her, and it's pretty. It's even kinda contemporary. There's a few pitchy parts, and it's not really unique, but it's pretty good. Randy said it was the best vocal so far; kinda Mariah Carey-like. Paula also says it's the best vocal so far. Simon says best performance, best song choice, it's good to be back in the competition.
Song 2. She sings "Woman in Love". Ooh, this is a great song choice. It's a Bawbwa Stweisand song, so she's got a high bar to hit, but she's doing great. She's making it sound young, and she's got a lot of emotion in it. Easily the best performance of the night. Randy says it was pitchy and not her best performance. Paula says it wasn't, uh, something. (Is she drunk?). Simon says it was old-fashioned and pageanty. Wow, I heard something completely different from them.

Standings: (Weighted running average)
Melinda 8.0
Jordin 7.7
Blake 7.0
Lakisha 6.3

Blake was the worst of the night, but I think Lakisha will go; Blake has built a fan base, and plus there's a demographic factor at work here.
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Posted by Ken in: television


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