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Season Finales: Heroes, Lost
Wednesday, 2007 May 23 - 11:25 pm
Warning: here be spoilers.

Heroes. Okay, so they wrapped up everything like they had to, but dang, the finale had so many things I just didn't get. How come Hiro was able to stab Sylar so easily this time? Was Peter the exploding man the whole time, and if so, why was it so important that they kill Sylar? Why did Nathan have to take Peter into outer space, instead of just letting Claire shoot him?

I'm disappointed that the ending wasn't more dramatic. And, I'm disappointed that they used the cliché thing of having Sylar escape with a bloody trail behind him.

Now, what the hell are they going to do next season? I hope this doesn't become an episodic show, with the heroes fighting different crimes every week. But how many times can they solve a mystery to save the world?

Lost. Hoo boy. I greatly enjoyed all the ass-kicking that went on in the finale, but AAARGGGHH, they've opened up a whole new line of questions without having answered ANYTHING.

I had heard rumors of a major storyline shift, and indeed, we got it. But I expected that we'd at least get a few mysteries solved. There are so many major unresolved plot threads, and it's getting hard to keep track of them all. We still don't know what the island's power is, what the monster is, what the Dharma Initiative was about, what the Others are trying to do, who Jacob is, who Naomi's people are, why the numbers are so important, why Walter is so important, why it was so important that Claire not give her baby up for adoption, how the Black Rock got to the island, why the world thinks they found the wreckage of Oceanic 815... I mean, COME ON. Give us ONE FREAKIN' CLUE, wouldja?


I love both these shows, really. No doubt I'll watch them to the end. But I'm gonna start getting upset if I don't get some answers soon.
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Posted by Ken in: television


Comment #1 from Dan (Guest)
2007 May 25 - 6:27 pm : #
Couldn't agree more about LOST. I love this show, but everytime they answer a question, they introduce two new ones. It's been bothering me since mid season two, and now it's really starting to wear me out.

re Walter: Wasn't he 10 years old when they landed on the island 90 some days ago? Now there's an interesting problem for the writers...
Comment #2 from Brett (Guest)
2007 Jun 13 - 10:37 pm : #
Yes, my question is for Charlie's character...In season 3 of Lost, episode "The Looking Glass: part 2," why didn't you at least attempt to swim out of the window?

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