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Tips for Would-Be Murderers
Thursday, 2007 June 21 - 10:35 pm
Be careful where you surf.

A Texas church worship leader and music director, Patrick Russo, was convicted of strangling an Austin woman to death in 2001. He recently lost an appeal in the Texas Court of Appeals.

The story is troubling enough as it is, but it gets worse.

The basis of his appeal was that his computer was illegally searched, and the evidence on the computer should not have been permitted in his trial. What, you might ask, was this incriminating evidence?

They found that Russo was a member of the web site "", which features pictures and videos of naked women who pretend to die. Women are shown simulating various causes of death, including asphyxiation. Russo's computer contained about 1200 images downloaded from the site.

It's another case of "choose the most disturbing fact":

a. It was a church leader who had a bizarre necrophilia fetish.
b. The guy didn't think to wipe his asphyxiation necrophilia pictures from his computer before strangling a woman.
c. Right now, you're tempted to check out for yourself. (I wouldn't do it if you're at work.)
d. This blog post will vault me to the top of all kinds of bizarre Google searches.

Here's the story about the case on CNet.
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Posted by Ken in: commentary


Comment #1 from Brett (Guest)
2007 Jun 22 - 4:37 pm : #
Ted Bundy was into that kind of stuff. Yep! Ol' looney Ted Bundy... hell of a golfer that Ted Bundy, just not a very good guy...on the inside...

Althoooooooough...he WAS actually considered quiiite the he was pretty intelligent...I bet he's got a hell of a back hand on the tennis courts...his wit was unparalleled, that's for sure...didn't he represent himself in court? Almost won too, that ain't easy...this comment would sound a lot better if italics could be used...he had a pretty decent looking girlfriend, didn't he?...I'll tell ya, she loved him. Despite his imperfections, she sure loved him...

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, he wasn't too hard on the eyes, either. He had confidence...character...good strong hands, built for working...

Hmmm, you know what? After talking about him...he actually sounds like a pretty ok guy. Whatever happened to him anyway?
Comment #2 from Would be kill0r (Guest)
2007 Jul 7 - 2:52 pm : #
Wow, you're so fucking Po-Mo.

D btw.

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