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It's Like a Hard Candy Christmas
Sunday, 2004 December 26 - 10:03 pm
Mostly relaxing times at the Real Kato compound... you might say, Suntory times.

It's been a quiet Christmas here.

That was ostensibly my plan: to avoid holiday travel, work on flooring my kitchen, spend some quiet time with friends, and just lie low. While all that's been pretty nice, I have to say that eating leftovers by myself on Christmas Day tends to magnify my seasonal affective disorder. And relaxing has not come easy, given that my house is falling apart and my automobiles seem to be magnets for trouble.

But enough gloominess; I do have lots to be thankful for this Christmas. First, thanks to my readers who noted my complaint about generic, impersonal Christmas cards... this year I have a bundle of cards with thoughtful personalized messages, and they brought me a lot of joy.

I'm also thankful that my readership seems to have increased. I can partly thank myself for that, since I'm writing a good deal more than I used to. In December 2003 I wrote a grand total of four articles... this December it'll be more than thirty. I suppose it's kind of the infinite monkeys effect: if I write enough stuff, you'll eventually find something interesting.

And thanks to those of you out there who are also writing and keeping me entertained. Among the blogs I now read regularly: crouchinghamster, cyberdryad, chaodai, binarykitten, misskerri, julieinmiami, dooce, archerpelican, suburbanbliss, singintomymouth, and selftaughtgirl. (Yes, there is a preponderance of suburban young moms in this list. It's not a fetish, I assure you.)

Finally, thanks to beer. Yummy, yummy beer: you are the only one who truly understands me.

Next year will bring a few minor changes to this site: I'll try to add polls and quizzes for entertainment, I may draw some comics, I'll add some information and pictures about myself on the "about" page (imagine that), and I may write some testimonials to my friends on the "friends" page.

I'm open to suggestions for other content as well. Of course you won't stop me from ranting about politics and society every now and then; that's the main reason I started blogging in the first place.

One last random note: I find it funny that Weezer's "Hash Pipe" comes alphabetically right after Dolly Parton's "Hard Candy Christmas" in my iTunes library. I'm not going to go into the details of why that's so funny... you can speculate about that on your own.
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Posted by Ken in: life


Comment #1 from Jen (Guest)
2004 Dec 27 - 12:39 am : #
As usual, I prefer more personal entries. I'm not likely to participate in quizzes, unless they are surveys as opposed to the crazy quizzes that abound on livejournal. What a waste of time _those_ are. I am interested in surveys, though.

I don't need more entertainment than your usual entries, but feel free to branch out if you feel like it.
Comment #2 from Jen (Guest)
2004 Dec 27 - 12:41 am : #
Oh, I'm not a huge fan of this commenting system. I know you spent time installing and configuring it and everything, so I'm sorry to tell you this, but you did ask for comments!

I would like it to include the comments at the bottom of the article, not in a pop up window. I would like it to thread responses. Ummm... that's it.

And I still find your gray background to be too dark behind the black text. Not harping, just mentioning. Just a few degrees lighter would be wonderful.
Comment #3 from Ken (realkato)
2004 Dec 27 - 12:51 am : #
Ah, ok. Do you mean the brushed-metal gray background, or the solid gray background, or both? I can lighten it up. The solid-gray will be easiest to take care of.

As for comments... I'm somewhat constrained by the fact that I use HaloScan. I'd put in my own commenting system if I had PHP/SQL support on, but I don't. But anyway, I don't really get enough comments to warrant threading, and I somewhat prefer that comments be relegated to a separate page.

But thanks for the feedback! And thanks for reading! And thanks for the lovely lovely card!
Comment #4 from Jen (Guest)
2004 Dec 31 - 1:39 am : #
I was referring to the solid gray, which you appear to have lightened up appropriately so that it is easier for me to read. Thanks!

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