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College Football Recap
Tuesday, 2007 October 23 - 10:04 pm
Michigan 27, Illinois 17. N.C. State 34, East Carolina 20.

Michigan 27, Illinois 17. Ugly mistake-filled escape, or gritty character-demonstrating heroism? Maybe both.

Michigan, playing without Heisman trophy candidate Mike Hart, went down 14-3 early in the second quarter, but stormed back thanks to a gritty performance from Chad Henne, who played hurt for much of the game. Illinois helped Michigan with some key turnovers and penalties. Those mistakes helped offset two turnovers from Ryan Mallett, who entered the game in the third quarter to help spell Henne.

Some might say that Michigan was fortunate to benefit from so many Illinois mistakes to come away with the victory. But I look at an inspired performance from a banged-up Michigan team, and a surprisingly imaginatively coached game from the Michigan staff, especially Mike Debord. (End around wide-receiver option pass for the go-ahead score? WOW!)

Bottom line: Michigan beat a dangerous and much-improved Illinois team, and is now in prime position to win the Big Ten title. Would anyone have expected this after the 0-2 start?

N.C. State 34, East Carolina 20. Woo hoo, N.C. State gets its second win of the season, and its first over a Division1-A team.

Other News

#2 South Florida lost to unranked Rutgers, 27-30, continuing the Year of Ungodly Top Ten Upsets.

#1 Ohio State survived against Michigan State, 24-17.

#4 LSU beat #17 Auburn 30-24, on a touchdown play with one second left in the game.

#6 South Carolina lost to unranked Vanderbilt in another top ten upset.

#7 Kentucky lost to #15 Florida, completely muddling the SEC East race.

#12 Cal lost to unranked UCLA. UCLA, despite a couple of ugly losses, is still unbeaten in the Pac-10 and is a contender for the conference title.

#14 USC whacked Notre Dame 38-0. Notre Dame should be getting used to that 38-0 score by now. Charlie Weis says: "People better enjoy it now... have their fun now." Oh, Charlie, we are. And we'll continue to enjoy it for the next several years, until you're thrown out on your front-butt.

#21 Tennessee was spanked by unranked Alabama, 41-17. Tennessee? Overrrated.

Penn State beat Indiana 36-31. Penn State gets Ohio State next week, and should put up a pretty good fight.

Western Michigan lost to Ball State 27-23, after the Cardinals scored a touchdown with 1:07 left to play.

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Posted by Ken in: sports


Comment #1 from Brett (Guest)
2007 Oct 26 - 5:26 pm : #
I love a good 4th quarter Bronco collapse! But then again...who doesn't?!

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