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Articles: politics: 2008 February

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Obama Wins 10th Straight; McCain Widens Lead
Wednesday, 2008 February 20 - 9:31 am
Barack Obama handily won primaries in Wisconsin and Hawaii yesterday. He has extended his narrow delegate lead over Hillary Clinton. CNN estimates his delegate total to 1301, compared to Clinton's 1239.

Meanwhile, John McCain won in Wisconsin and Washington, extending his delegate lead to 918-217. Mike Huckabee continues to refuse to withdraw from the race; still, McCain is all but ignoring Huckabee and instead is focusing most of his attacks now on the Democrats.

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Posted by Ken in: politics

Obama, McCain Win Potomac Primaries
Wednesday, 2008 February 13 - 10:30 am
Barack Obama swept to victories by large margins in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. yesterday. John McCain won all three primaries also, but Huckabee came close in Virginia; McCain won 50% to 41% there.

Hillary Clinton's deputy campaign manager stepped down yesterday. Clinton is counting on victories in Ohio and Texas on March 4 to prop up her campaign. Prediction: if Obama wins either state, this race is all but over.
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Posted by Ken in: politics

Obama Gains Ground; Huckabee Wins Kansas
Sunday, 2008 February 10 - 8:24 pm
Barack Obama handily won primaries in Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, and the Virgin Islands today, closing the delegate gap with Hillary Clinton. Obama has lots of momentum on his side; on Clinton's part, she has disclosed that she had to lend her campaign $5 million of her own money, and today she replaced her campaign manager. Uh-oh, Hillary.

Meanwhile, Huckabee won Kansas, and continues to carry the flag for disaffected anti-McCain Republicans. The puzzling thing is this: does Huckabee actually believe he can win? McCain's delegate lead is huge. How many campaign dollars does Huckabee want to spend trying to track it down? When will he, like Romney, eventually decide that he should step aside, in the best interests of the party?
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Posted by Ken in: politics

Breaking News: Romney to Exit Race
Thursday, 2008 February 7 - 1:12 pm
A Reuters article cites a "Republican Party source" who says that Mitt Romney will suspend his presidential campaign today.

Judging from blogs and message boards I've been reading, the core of the Republican party is having a tremendously difficult time with this year's campaign. Of the candidates who remained until today, Romney may have come closest to matching their views on the issues that mattered most to them: the economy, and illegal immigration. McCain is widely criticized by conservatives for favoring an "amnesty" program, and has provided very little guidance on what he'd do to help the ailing economy. Huckabee has said that providing social services to immigrants is the responsible Christian thing to do, and has increased taxes on several occasions in Arkansas.

What's a Reagan-era conservative to do with this? The anti-McCain sentiment among many conservatives is so strong, they'd rather boycott the election (or even, egads, vote for a Democrat) than see McCain in office. This includes the shrillest anti-liberal in existence, Ann Coulter, who remarked that she'd vote for Hillary over McCain.

Turmoil. It's the new Republican Party.

Coming soon: an analysis of possible running mates for Obama, Clinton, and McCain.
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Posted by Ken in: politics

Super Tuesday Notes
Tuesday, 2008 February 5 - 10:20 pm
As of this writing, Super Tuesday isn't over, but preliminary results are rolling in... and there's no clear winner in either party.

For Democrats, Obama seems to be picking up a lot of votes across western and southern states, whereas Clinton is winning solidly in the northeast. Since Democrats split delegates within states, it's becoming pretty clear that today's results won't decide anything. The exit-poll demographics are interesting: black voters are voting overwhelmingly for Obama; Hillary's strength is primarily coming from white women.

For Republicans, Huckabee is showing surprising strength, leading in a number of southern states. But McCain has taken New York and its winner-take-all 101 delegates, as well as a swath of states across the Midwest. The conventional wisdom is that Romney and Huckabee are splitting the vote among more conservative voters, and McCain is benefiting.

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Posted by Ken in: politics

Monday, 2008 February 4 - 11:20 am
So tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and Wednesday is college football's national letter-of-intent signing day. If there were also a Macworld expo and an American Idol finale happening this week, the Real Kato Universe of Things I Follow Obsessively would absolutely explode.

Fortunately, only two of the four things are happening, and I think I can wrap my head around both at once. In a single blog post, even.

In election news, Obama has erased Clinton's lead in many polls, most notably in the critical state of California. The Democratic race will probably not be decided this week... in a lot of ways, that's bad news for the Democratic party, who will have to continue spending money on primaries instead of saving for the general election.

The Republican party seems to be consolidating behind John McCain, though it'll be interesting to see where Christian conservative voters go if Huckabee drops out.

As far as Michigan football recruiting goes, the big question mark is still whether Terrelle Pryor will come to Michigan or not. Many fans and analysts think he's leaning slightly towards Ohio State; while that wouldn't spell total disaster for Michigan, it would certainly hurt, especially considering that Michigan desperately needs a spread-offense quarterback. Michigan did pick up Justin Feagin, a two-way player who played both safety and quarterback in high school. If Pryor doesn't end up at Michigan, Feagin might compete for the starting job.

Oh, I do have one quick "American Idol" note... did you catch Jordin Sparks singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl? I thought she did a great rendition.
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Posted by Ken in: politicssports

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