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Breaking News: Romney to Exit Race
Thursday, 2008 February 7 - 1:12 pm
A Reuters article cites a "Republican Party source" who says that Mitt Romney will suspend his presidential campaign today.

Judging from blogs and message boards I've been reading, the core of the Republican party is having a tremendously difficult time with this year's campaign. Of the candidates who remained until today, Romney may have come closest to matching their views on the issues that mattered most to them: the economy, and illegal immigration. McCain is widely criticized by conservatives for favoring an "amnesty" program, and has provided very little guidance on what he'd do to help the ailing economy. Huckabee has said that providing social services to immigrants is the responsible Christian thing to do, and has increased taxes on several occasions in Arkansas.

What's a Reagan-era conservative to do with this? The anti-McCain sentiment among many conservatives is so strong, they'd rather boycott the election (or even, egads, vote for a Democrat) than see McCain in office. This includes the shrillest anti-liberal in existence, Ann Coulter, who remarked that she'd vote for Hillary over McCain.

Turmoil. It's the new Republican Party.

Coming soon: an analysis of possible running mates for Obama, Clinton, and McCain.
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Posted by Ken in: politics


Comment #1 from joshMshep (Guest)
2008 Feb 7 - 10:48 pm : #
And now... we conservatives are faced with a decision.

The talk of Pat Robertson endorsing Rudy Giuliani now means nothing (not that it ever did!)

Neither does anyone care about the wide evangelical support that Mitt Romney won over.

We now have, on the left, Senator John McCain whom Dr. James Dobson says "is not a conservative, and in fact, has gone out of his way to stick his thumb in the eyes of those who are. He has sounded at times more like a member of the other party." John McCain promotes amnesty for illegal immigrants, he called Samuel Alito "too conservative" (a good indication of the judges he would appoint), he supports embryonic stem-cell research, and he has little regard for freedom of speech.

On the right: Governor Mike Huckabee, with 10 years of experience governing, a staunch pro-life record, and a proven force for defending marriage and religious liberties. During those 10 years, he reduced welfare roles by 50%, returned $400 million to taxpayers, and was called "One of America's Best Governors" by TIME Magazine.

Governor Huckabee's platform calls for secure borders, supporting the military, and reining in the rising costs of healthcare and energy through practical, market-driven methods.

And today, there is finally justice as Dr. Dobson endorses Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Conservatives need to back Governor Mike Huckabee for the good of our nation. Or do we have Hillary or Obama fans out there?

The lack of enthusiasm for Huckabee is baffling and, frankly, a betrayal of a man who has faithfully served his country--with conservative principles guiding his every step.

Can conservatives of all stripes unite around what we're FOR, rather than what we're AGAINST? If so, our values just might be represented in the White House come '09.

If we just want to sulk on the sidelines of this political race, then forget it. Let the 4 years of disaster begin, as some commentators have put it.

Vote Huckabee! And support his campaign!

Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2008 Feb 8 - 8:10 am : #
For the record, the sales tax in Arkansas has increased from 5% to 6% under Huckabee, cigarette taxes have increased by 103%, gas taxes have increased... on average, state tax receipts as a percentage of real income have increased by 6.46% a year under Huckabee. (Source). Not that I'm criticizing that, mind you... Arkansas has always had one of the lowest tax rates in the country. But the idea that Huckabee is a fiscal conservative is questionable.

With regards to immigration: "When he was governor, Huckabee held the following positions on illegal immigration: He supported higher education benefits for children of illegal immigrants, opposed a federal roundup of illegals from his state in 2005, opposed a 2001 bill requiring proof of citizenship to vote in the state, and in 2001, a member of his administration pushed for legislation to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants." (Source). Again, I don't see any of that as a bad thing... but I can see where a lot of conservatives would be suspicious of his anti-immigrant cred.

As far as "conservatives of all stripes" supporting Huckabee, what about the ones who don't want to see a theocratic government?

And if you're really concerned with keeping Hillary or Obama out of office, why would you vote for the person less likely to win the general election?


Like I said: good luck with that.

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