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Articles: sports: 2011 September

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College Football Recap: Week 4
Sunday, 2011 September 25 - 12:25 pm
Michigan coasts to victory after building a 21-0 first half lead; N.C. State embarrassed in by Cincinnati.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

College Football Week 4 Games to Watch
Friday, 2011 September 23 - 6:23 pm
Well, N.C. State already played Thursday and got clobbered by Cincinnati. I was all ready to predict a two-touchdown loss for State; I didn't think they'd lose by 30. State's problems are many; I'll discuss them in the recap in a couple of days.

Games to watch on Saturday

At noon, #22 Michigan plays Brady Hoke's former team, San Diego State, on the Big Ten Network. It could actually be a pretty tight game, but for the sake of my blood pressure, let's hope not. ESPN has two unbeaten ACC teams as North Carolina takes on Georgia Tech. Notre Dame will be looking to continue its redemption process against Pitt on NBC.

At 3:30 there are two veritable blockbusters. This week's Game of the Week is #3 Alabama against #14 Arkansas on CBS; there's also #7 Oklahoma State against #8 Texas A&M on ABC or ESPN2. The matchup on ESPN, #11 Florida State against #21 Clemson, also figures to be a good game (and an important one in the ACC). Ohio State plays Colorado on ABC or ESPN2, and that's no gimme for the reeling Buckeyes.

The big night game is #2 LSU against #16 West Virginia on ABC. LSU is pretty stout and WVU is probably overrated; but I like this game because I want WVU to get a reality check. There's also Missouri vs. #1 Oklahoma on FX; OU is a 22-point favorite, but I wouldn't count out Missouri here.

There are two entertaining night games out of the Pac-12 at 10:15: #10 Oregon plays Arizona on ESPN2, and #23 USC takes on Arizona State on ESPN.

Michigan game prediction: Michigan 34, San Diego State 21. I think SDSU will start quickly and grab the lead at some point in the first half, but Michigan's second-half adjustments this year have been stellar. Expect a heavy dose of Denard Robinson zone read plays right from the get-go.
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Posted by Ken in: sports

College Football Recap: Week 3
Saturday, 2011 September 17 - 11:42 pm
Michigan and N.C. State both handle their cupcake opponents; Ohio State and Michigan State fall in marquee games.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

College Football Week 3 Games to Watch
Saturday, 2011 September 17 - 10:29 am
There's a bit of a sideshow happening today as Pitt and Syracuse have reportedly applied to leave the Big East and join the ACC.

Games to watch on Saturday

Michigan takes on Eastern Michigan at noon on the Big Ten Network. That will be of no interest to anyone except Michigan fans (and EMU fans, I suppose), so most of you instead will want to catch Auburn vs. Clemson on ABC. Clemson struggled in a couple of games that should have been blowouts, and they'll be trying to uphold the reputation of the ACC. Another interesting game is Pitt vs. Iowa on ESPN2; Iowa is coming off a loss to Iowa State last week and needs a win against Pitt to right the ship.

At 3:30 there are a slew of good games to choose from. Michigan State plays Notre Dame on NBC; could Notre Dame go 0-3 to start the year? Tennessee plays Florida on CBS; ABC/ESPN regional coverage gives you Texas vs. UCLA or Washington vs. Nebraska.

N.C. State plays South Alabama at 6:00; this game is on

Illinois plays Arizona State at 7:00 on the Big Ten Network; that will show us if Illinois is for real, or if this is another Ron Zook womp womp year.

The two blockbuster matchups are both at night: at 7:30 on ESPN we get Ohio State against Miami in what's being called the "Ineligi-bowl", and at 8:00 we get this week's Game of the Week, #1 Oklahoma vs. #5 Florida State on ABC.

Your nightcap game is Stanford against Arizona on ESPN at 10:45.

Michigan game prediction: Michigan 40, Eastern Michigan 13. Should be a cakewalk. It had better be a cakewalk.

N.C. State game prediction: N.C. State 38, South Alabama 10. Hopefully this is the week State gets its act together.
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Posted by Ken in: sports

College Football Recap: Week 2
Sunday, 2011 September 11 - 12:36 pm
Wow. This will long be remembered as one of Michigan's greatest victories. Michigan rallied from a 17-point deficit entering the third quarter to pull out a victory over Notre Dame with two seconds left on the clock. Meanwhile N.C. State fell to Wake Forest, as I feared.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

College Football Week 2 Games to Watch
Friday, 2011 September 9 - 8:22 pm
Games to watch on Saturday

At noon, the best game figures to be Mississippi State against Auburn on the SEC Network or, though the appeal of that game is mostly limited to the southeast. Speaking of limited appeal, Iowa plays Iowa State in the I Eat Corn Bowl; the game is not televised nationally at all, which should tell you something. There isn't much of interest otherwise; maybe you can see if Toledo can keep it close against Ohio State on the Big Ten Network, or see if Rutgers can upset North Carolina on

At 3:30, Penn State looks to avenge last year's beatdown from Alabama, on ABC. North Carolina State takes on Wake Forest in what will be an important test for the Wolfpack; that game is on Nevada against Oregon on FX is an intriguing matchup; Nevada went 13-1 last year and though they lost their starting quarterback, the new guy is a fifth-year senior. Meanwhile Oregon is looking to prove something after last week's loss to LSU.

At 7:00 it might be interesting to catch a little bit of BYU against Texas, on ESPN2. But of course at 8:00, you'll flip over to this week's Game of the Week, which just happens to be Michigan against Notre Dame. No, neither team is ranked, but this is just a fascinating matchup, and it's Michigan's first home night game. Also, Brian Kelly's head may explode.

Michigan game prediction: Michigan 31, Notre Dame 24. Before last week I would have picked Notre Dame here, but Michigan looks better than I thought, and Notre Dame looks worse.

N.C. State game prediction: N.C. State 30, Wake Forest 34. I'm a bit down on State this week after watching their poor week 1 performance; meanwhile Wake Forest picked up 326 yards passing last week in an overtime loss to Syracuse. Uh oh.
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Posted by Ken in: sports

College Football Recap: Week 1
Monday, 2011 September 5 - 2:06 pm
Michigan starts slowly against Western, but pulls away in the third quarter before lightning ends the game; N.C. State struggles to put away FCS school Liberty.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

College Football Week 1 Games to Watch
Friday, 2011 September 2 - 3:40 pm
FOOTBAWW! College football returns, at last. It has been a long summer of anticipation.

A few games are already on the books. Wisconsin romped over UNLV yesterday, 51-17. Wisconsin will be a tough team to stop this year, with N.C. State transfer Russell Wilson at the helm.

Games to watch on Saturday

At noon, turn on Northwestern vs. Boston College on ESPNU, which should be competitive. Northwestern quarterback Dan Persa may be out with a bum Achilles tendon, though. During breaks, flip over to the Ohio State/Akron game on ESPN to see how the Buckeyes are doing with a new coach and a new quarterback. After 12:30, keep an eye on the ticker for the Virginia Tech vs. Appalachian State score; as we all know too well, App St. is capable of some surprises.

At 3:30, of course I'll be watching Michigan vs. Western Michigan on ABC/ESPN2. If you're not a Michigan fan, the Notre Dame vs. South Florida matchup on NBC might be interesting. Skip Holtz, the USF coach, is a Notre Dame grad and the son of former ND coach Lou Holtz. Also keep an eye on Minnesota vs. USC on ABC/ESPN2, where new Minnesota coach Jerry Kill will be looking to make a splash by scoring a big upset.

At 6:00, N.C. State opens against Liberty; this one is only available on Not to worry, though... this game will likely be a yawner.

Take a break between 7:00 and 8:00, because after 8:00 you'll be hunkered down watching this week's Game of the Week: #3 Oregon against #4 LSU on ABC. I think LSU is probably overrated this year, but this is a huge early game for both teams nonetheless. During breaks, flip over to ESPN to watch the only other game between ranked teams this week, as Boise State takes on Georgia.

Your late-night dessert is Colorado vs. Hawaii on ESPN at 10:15. Hawaii is always an entertaining team to watch. They're favored by 11 over Colorado, who is breaking in new coach Jon Embree.

Michigan game prediction: Michigan 38, Western Michigan 20.

N.C. State game prediction: N.C. State 48, Liberty 13.
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Posted by Ken in: sports

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