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Articles: 2008 September

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College Football Recap
Sunday, 2008 September 28 - 9:59 pm
So yeah, I didn't recap the Michigan-Notre Dame game. Can you blame me? While Michigan showed some flashes of competency in that game, that was overshadowed by the ineptitude that is best captured by a single statistic: 6 turnovers. Despite significantly outgaining Notre Dame on offense, you just can't win a game when you spot the opponent a three-touchdown advantage because you can't hang on to the football.

Michigan 27, Wisconsin 25

After half of the Michigan-Wisconsin game, it seemed like déjà vu all over again.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

Obama-McCain Debate #1
Sunday, 2008 September 28 - 6:01 pm
My prediction prior to the seeing Friday's debate was that all the presidential debates would be cordial and dull. But with some prodding by moderator Jim Lehrer, Obama and McCain finally did engage in some sparring.

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Posted by Ken in: politics

News In Brief
Tuesday, 2008 September 23 - 9:22 pm
Random things I noticed in the news today:

Time Warner Cable in North Carolina is going to carry the Big Ten Network, finally. It'll be on a digital sports tier, but it'll be worth it to be able to catch all my Meeechigan games.

Clay Aiken is gay. No, for real this time.

Sarah Palin met Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe in New York today. Why is everything that Sarah Palin does described as "controlled" or "scripted"? McCain might as well have chosen a wooden puppet as his running mate.

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Posted by Ken in: commentarypoliticssports

Insert Your Own Joke
Wednesday, 2008 September 10 - 9:25 pm
By the way the McCain campaign is reacting to Obama's "lipstick" comment, you'd think "lipstick" is the most charged and offensive word in the English language.

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Posted by Ken in: politics

College Football Recap
Wednesday, 2008 September 10 - 8:56 pm
Late late late, I know. I'll make this brief.

Michigan 16, Miami (OH) 6

Well, Michigan squeaked by a mediocre MAC team. The offense was an improvement, but still not terribly efficient; Threet missed a lot of wide-open receivers. The defense played well but was helped by a number of Miami mistakes and dropped passes.

N.C. State 34, William and Mary 24

The Wolfpack struggled early against the I-AA (er, FCS) school, but Harrison Beck replaced starting QB Daniel Evans in the second quarter, and the offense started to move the ball. William and Mary made the score respectable with a couple of late touchdowns, but State was in control for most of the game.

Other News

Notre Dame eked out 21-13 a win against a bad San Diego State team. Notre Dame benefited from a questionable call of a goal-line fumble by the Aztecs. Michigan plays Notre Dame in South Bend this Saturday.

Ohio State struggled to a 26-14 win against Ohio U, and will need to improve drastically to compete with USC this weekend.

Vanderbilt upset South Carolina 24-17.

Florida beat Miami 26-3.

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Posted by Ken in: sports

Republican National Convention Part III
Thursday, 2008 September 4 - 9:56 pm
Let me say this about John McCain. He's an honorable and decent guy. I appreciate it when he says he has respect for Obama and the Democratic campaign. I appreciate it when he admits that Republicans and Congress "lost the trust of the American people... when we valued our power over our principles". He has more class and humility than the rest of his party, who can seem to do nothing but criticize Obama for being charismatic.

It's really the Republican party that has lost its way. The party has embraced the ideals of its most far-right fringe elements. In the official party platform this year: abortion should be illegal even when a mother's health or life is at risk; there should be no path towards residency for illegal immigrants; gay marriage should be outlawed. These are all positions that McCain personally opposed in the past, but he since has capitulated to the Republican party (flip-flopped?) in order to win conservative support. A maverick? Maybe he was, once. But somehow, a good man has been dragged down by a party that is bent on a reactionary agenda.

It's an important thing to remember here: you're not just voting for a person when you vote for president, you're voting for a party and an administration, an executive branch with hundreds of federal appointees who represent their party interests. Sure, the character, charisma, and intelligence of the president himself are important. But you can't ignore the issues and the principles of the political parties when you cast your ballot.

Election day is Tuesday, November 4th.
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Posted by Ken in: politics

Republican National Convention Part II
Wednesday, 2008 September 3 - 9:58 pm
Okay... did they really start a "drill, baby, drill" chant during Giuliani's speech? Really? Really?

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Posted by Ken in: politics

McCain's Voicemail to Sarah Palin
Wednesday, 2008 September 3 - 3:49 pm
This is brilliant.

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Posted by Ken in: funnyhahapolitics

Republican National Convention Part I
Tuesday, 2008 September 2 - 10:08 pm
Just a couple of quick thoughts on the Republican convention.

First, it irks me that the crowd chants "U.S.A." so much. They might as well be chanting, "We're More Patriotic".

Second, I'm confused by the message. Is John McCain is a maverick that bucks is own party, or is he a standard-bearer for Republican values? Is Sarah Palin a "breath of fresh air", or is experience the most important issue in this election? Do we need to "shake up Washington", or are we supposed to rely on McCain's decades of Washington experience? Are we supposed to vote based on primarily on personal traits (i.e. vote for McCain because he's an honorable guy), or ignore them (i.e. don't vote for Obama just because of his intelligence)?

Third, the Republican view of world relations is staggering. Not only do they don't think it's important that the world has respect for us and our President, they actually see that as a negative quality. It's as if to say, "if the Germans like Obama, he can't be good for our country."

Don't get me wrong. I found many of the Democratic speeches to be equally irritating for the amount of pandering. But with the Republicans, it's hard to believe that anyone actually falls for it.
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Posted by Ken in: politics

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