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American Idol 2009 Week 4 Performances
Tuesday, 2009 March 31 - 8:45 pm
Michael went home last week. Matt was in the bottom three, interestingly; maybe the country finds him as goofy as I do. Scott was in the bottom three also; his days are numbered.

This week's theme is the oh-so-specific "Any Popular Song on iTunes" night.

Anoop Desai
Usher, huh. I'll admit this isn't terrible, but it just seems like imitation; I honestly can't see him making a career as an R&B singer. He's singing it well, but it's just a little odd. It doesn't fit him. 6.

Megan Joy
"Turn Your Lights Down Low"; Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill.... Not. Good. The tempo is bad and her pitch is all over the place. This song didn't do her any favors; it really exposed her weaknesses. Randy mentioned Amy Winehouse; that would have been perfect for her. This is a bottom three performance. 3.

Danny Gokey
Rascal Flatts, "What Hurts the Most". I'm not sure about the song, but he's doing pretty well. I wish he had asked for a more metal, hard-rock-power-ballad arrangement. As it is, it's a little mellow. But it's still good; it's vocally pretty challenging and he's hitting all the notes. I can see him making records like this. The judges love it, especially Simon. 8.

Allison Iraheta
"Don't Speak" by No Doubt; this is a great song choice for her. The opening is really nice; but she starts oversinging in the chorus, and it's throwing her pitch off. Maybe she's trying to channel Gwen too much. And what is she wearing? A curtain? 7.

Scott Macintyre
"Just the Way You Are", Billy Joel. I guess this fits him, but it's such a piano-bar cliché. And did they mean to give him a mullet? It's better than he's done before, but I feel like I'm in the lounge at the Holiday Inn. In 1978. 6.

Matt Giraud
"You Found Me", by The Fray. Ooh, he's butchering the low notes. I just find him so creepy, with all his writhing. He's pitchy, and his performance and vocals are just so affected. I think maybe he'll be in the bottom three again. 4.

Lil Rounds
"I Surrender", Celine Dion. Oh, this is brave... or foolhardy. Huh. Her pitch just isn't pure enough for a song like this. She may have thought she picked the right song, but I think this song is way too big for her. And a bit boring. 5.

Adam Lambert
"Play That Funky Music". Huh. This has every opportunity to be over-indulgent and over-the-top. And you know, there's no doubt he can sing, but it's so theatrical, and it kind of represents everything I don't like about him. He's almost certainly safe, but... 7.

Kris Allen
"Ain't No Sunshine". Hmm, he's done a good job with the arrangement. I've never been a big fan of his, but this is actually quite good. He was going for a moment, and he might have gotten it. 9. (I'm gonna have to go back and find a "reminds us of..." photo for him. I really didn't think he'd last this long.)

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