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American Idol 2009 Week 7: Top 7 Again
Tuesday, 2009 April 21 - 7:59 pm
Matt should have gone home last week, but the judges saved him... what a waste. This week: disco week, and two people will go home tomorrow.

Lil Rounds
"I'm Every Woman", Chaka Khan. Another. Copycat. Performance. I don't like the song, and she's all over the place with her pitch... it's a mess. She's very likely to be gone tomorrow. 4.

Kris Allen
"She Works Hard for the Money", Donna Summer, except it's the acoustic version? A little jazzy... I think I like it. Vocally pretty good, if somewhat unchallenging. It's interesting and original. Amy says it's Santana-ish, and I agree. (So does Paula.) Very cool. 9.

Danny Gokey
"September", Earth Wind and Fire. Uh, this isn't the song I would have chosen. He's uncharacteristically off-key, and it's a little nasal and a little unoriginal... not up to his standards. 6.

Allison Iraheta
"Hot Stuff", Donna Summer, the sultry rock version. I LOVE this. Much more controlled than her performance last week, but she still rocks it. Brilliant. 9.

Adam Lambert
"If I Can't Have You", Bee Gees. He's toned this down; normally I like to see him with more restraint, but I don't think this song works as a ballad. He's made it into a show tune, just the melodramatic number instead of the big production number.. It's, as the judges would say, indulgent. He sings it well, but geez... it's just too schmaltzy. 7.

Matt Giraud
"Stayin' Alive", Bee Gees. Oh no you di'n't... you are ruining MY THEME SONG. This is so freakishly corny. You should have gone home last week. 3.

Anoop Desai
"Dance the Night Away", Donna Summer. I kinda liked the vibe at the start, and he's fixed up his look... but the arrangement and the vocals got rough in the last half. And the last note was just not good. His best hope is that Matt and Lil have even less appeal than him. 5.

If Lil, Matt, and Anoop aren't the bottom three, there's something seriously wrong with this world.

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Posted by Ken in: television


Comment #1 from Noelle (Guest)
2009 Apr 22 - 8:29 am : #
Staying Alive is your theme song? I don't know if I, personally, would admit that in "public". ;)
Comment #2 from Ken (realkato)
2009 Apr 22 - 8:39 am : #
Hey now... "Stayin' Alive" is the quintessential representation of 1970s existential angst, with a disco beat. What could be more perfect? "I've been kicked around since I was born."
Comment #3 from Nomad (Guest)
2009 Apr 25 - 2:04 am : #
i've been really impressed with Kris for the last few episodes; he has become a real contender as of late

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