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College Football 2017 Week 3 Recap
Saturday, 2017 September 23 - 10:13 am
Michigan won, but it wasn't always pretty. N.C. State ate a cupcake.

Michigan 29, Air Force 13
This game was uncomfortably close into the fourth quarter, until Michigan finally broke a late touchdown run. As expected, for most of the game, Air Force packed the line of scrimmage to stop Michigan's running attack, and Michigan failed to take advantage of opportunities that opened up downfield.

Maybe it wasn't as bad as it looked? Ty Isaac stepped out of bounds by an inch, negating a big touchdown run early. There were balls dropped here and there, and some other bad breaks. The complexion of the game could have been different if a few plays had gone differently.

But... Michigan did need a Donovan Peoples-Jones punt return to help the scoring margin. Michigan's play calling seemed unimaginative. I'm still concerned about the offensive line. There was a huge bust in the secondary leading to Air Force's only touchdown of the day. The problem areas we identified early have not gone away.

The defensive front is fine. Great, actually; they stuffed Air Force's tricky triple-option attack. Wilton Speight gets a lot of criticism for missing some reads but on the whole I think he's doing reasonably well too. So there's lots to build on; the question is, how long will it take to fix what's wrong?

N.C. State 49, Furman 16.
Was Furman. I guess it counts.

Notable Games
#3 Clemson stomped #14 Louisville 47-21. I think Louisville maybe isn't quite as good as people thought early; they still have Lamar Jackson and an impressive offense, but their defense sucks. That's a good sign for Michigan, if it means that Purdue's close loss to Louisville maybe didn't mean as much.

#4 USC beat Texas in double overtime 27-24. I honestly didn't expect this game to be that close; Texas put up a good fight.

Mississippi State absolutely demolished #12 LSU 37-7. Ouch. LSU might be looking for a new coach again soon.

Vanderbilt upset #18 Kansas State 14-7. Vanderbilt? 3-0? Huh.

San Diego State beat #20 Stanford 20-17. David Shaw is a good coach, but he's no Harbaugh; Stanford's glory days may be over.

#24 Florida beat #23 Tennessee 26-20 on a wild 63-yard last second Hail Mary, in what was easily the most exciting finish of the season.

Nebraska lost to Northern Illinois 21-17. Nebraska is a dumpster fire right now.

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