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College Football 2017 Week 3 Preview
Saturday, 2017 September 16 - 10:13 am
Michigan faces a dangerous test in Air Force; N.C. State has a cupcake.

Michigan vs Air Force, noon on BTN
Ugh, Air Force. The triple-option, ACL-shredding cut-block team that no one likes to play. This will either be an ugly and nerve-rattling game, or (one can hope) a glittering testament to Don Brown's defensive coaching ability.

Air Force is overmatched physically, to be sure. But that triple-option attack is an equalizer on offense, and on defense Air Force will stack the box with nine guys and blitz on almost every down; the pressure will be on Wilton Speight to stay calm in the pocket and find receivers who are sure to be open.

My guess is that Air Force will mostly have plays that either go 10 yards or zero (an option sweep that successfully gets to the edge, or a futile attempt to dive through the Michigan defensive tackles). Michigan will have plays that either go 30 yards or 2 (a wide open slot receiver running down the seam, or a zone running play that smacks into a pile of bodies at the line.) What I would like to see is Michigan going essentially cover zero and forcing Air Force to become a passing team; I don't believe the Air Force offense is built to sustain drives that way. On defense, I want to see slants and bubble screens and wheel routes on one play, then three-tight-end power runs on the next... with the same personnel. With Harbaugh's stable of versatile tight ends and giant receivers, we could totally pull that off.

Prediction: Michigan 35, Air Force 17.

N.C. State vs Furman, 12:20 PM on ACC Network (WRAL)
It's Furman. The I-AA Furman Paladins. Furman who lost to Wofford and Elon. They play high school football, you guys, and N.C. State should be embarrassed for scheduling them. You wanna be taken seriously as a team? Schedule real opponents.

Prediction: N.C. State 1000, Furman 0.

Games to Watch on TV
It's pretty slim pickings today. The Michigan game is at noon on BTN. Don't bother watching the State game.

3:30 gives us... Tennessee vs Florida, I guess? That's on CBS. Notre Dame vs Boston College is on ESPN.

The Game of the Week is #3 Clemson vs #14 Louisville at 8:00 PM on ABC. #4 USC plays Texas at 8:30 on Fox. And that's really about it, you guys. This might be a good Saturday to go outside and enjoy the fall weather.
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Posted by Ken in: sports


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