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College Football 2018 Week 2 Recap
Monday, 2018 September 10 - 5:35 pm
Michigan, NCSU, and Penn State all post easy wins; MSU, Purdue suffer upsets.

Michigan 49, Western Michigan 3
It was never close. This was one of those simple, comfortable wins that used to be considered inevitable outcomes, back in the heyday of Michigan football. But as fans we've started to become jaded and full of self-doubt and self-loathing, and when Michigan failed to score on its first possession, there was much wringing of hands.

But it turned out that yes, Michigan's defense really is dominant, the offense is capable of doing some things, and hey, we might have a decent season after all despite all the doom-sayers from last week.

Now, the usual caveats about weak opponents apply, and there's still a bit of grumbling since Notre Dame only managed to beat Ball State 24-16 this week, but you know what, Michigan fans? Take a week off from complaining and be happy with a win.

SMU is next week, and we probably shouldn't worry so much about that one either.

NCSU 41, Georgia State 7
So Ryan Finley and the Wolfpack receiving corps look fine, and Georgia State really didn't put up much of a fight. But I said to watch NCSU's rushing yardage, and they put up... 115 yards on 31 carries. You guys... this is a problem. 39 of those yards were from one run in the fourth quarter, from the second team offense. This really isn't going to cut it against a higher-caliber defense.

A big matchup against WVU looms next week.

Penn State 51, Pitt 6
Well, Pitt, as it turns out, is pretty terrible. The one stat that really shines? 14 penalties for 116 yards. Pitt Coach (and former MSU DC) Pat Narduzzi seemed to spend most of the game in a blind rage, and the Pitt team as a whole seemed to lack focus and discipline.

So it's a quality win for the Lions. Once again, we saw Trace McSorley and Miles Sanders have solid games. But in contrast to last week, then Penn State defense looked much better organized. Is some of that due to the opponent? It's hard to imagine that App State is better than Pitt but... maybe?

Next week should be a cakewalk against Kent State, and Illinois won't put up much competition the week after. Penn State might already be looking ahead to Ohio State in Week 5.

Notable Games
Michigan State lost to the Fighting Herm Edwardses of Arizona State 13-16, which, LOL. The Spartans imploded in the fourth quarter, going 5-and-out, 4-and-out, and 6-and-out on their fourth-quarter drives, while ASU scored two field goals and a touchdown.

Did I or did I not say Eastern Michigan vs. Purdue would be comical? Purdue managed to lose this game 19-20, somehow, in part due to two critical fumbles (one in the EMU red zone) and a missed field goal after starting their last drive from the EMU 20.

Colorado spoiled Scott Frost's debut at Nebraska 33-28, and while I have sympathy for Nebraska fans, I'm glad that some of the Scott Frost hype might get toned down for a while.

Texas A&M made it close against Clemson, losing 26-28 after suffering from the worst rule in college football (an unrecovered fumble through the end zone results in a touchback for the other team). Seriously, the rule should be that you get the ball back at the two yard line.

Stanford stifled USC 17-3, and watching USC lose is always good.

Kentucky beat Florida 27-16, and Florida State barely squeaked out a win against Samford 36-26. Hard to say which fanbase is more disgruntled right now... I'm glad it's not us.

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