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College Football 2018 Week 3 Preview
Friday, 2018 September 14 - 10:29 am
Michigan plays SMU; N.C. State's game against West Virginia was cancelled due to the hurricane; Penn State takes on what could be a pesky Kent State team.

Michigan vs SMU, 3:30 PM BTN
So, SMU is... not great. They've given up 88 points and 922 yards in two losses, and the offense may be missing their two primary weapons, receivers Reggie Robinson and C.J. Sanders. The offensive line has been a sieve, and though junior quarterback Ben Hicks is quite experienced, we can probably expect to see him running for his life for most of the game, should SMU try to drop back to throw. Running the ball is likely a better idea, with speedy tailback Braeden West, but it's hard to imagine him getting a lot of running room against the Michigan defensive front.

So, it should be another comfortable tune-up game for Michigan. The main questions will be whether anyone comes back from injury (Aubrey Solomon has been a notable absence at nose tackle) and if anyone emerges as a new starter at offensive tackle.

Prediction: Michigan 56, SMU 6.

NCSU vs West Virginia, Cancelled
This game has been cancelled due to Hurricane Florence, though Raleigh looks like it'll be spared the worst effects of the storm. It would have been a chance for the Wolfpack to get a marquee win... but then again, it could have been an ugly loss too, and maybe it's just as well.

There are no plans yet to reschedule the game. NCSU is more likely to tack on a twelfth game against a cupcake team at the end of the season or during their scheduled bye week on October 13th, especially if bowl eligibility looks to be in doubt.

Penn State vs Kent State, 12:00 PM FS1
You'd expect this to be a blowout, but after watching how App State did against the Lions, we just can't be sure. Kent State is stylistically similar to App State; they play a true high-tempo spread and have the ability to keep it close. They played well against Illinois and blew out Howard last week.

But then again, Penn State looks like they've found their footing, and ultimately, I think the size and talent advantage will overwhelm the Golden Flashes.

Prediction: Penn State 55, Kent State 13.

Games to Watch on TV
#11 Penn State plays Kent State at noon on FS1. Really not much else going on in the early games... maybe peek in on Florida State at Syracuse on ESPN?

At 3:30, #19 Michigan vs. SMU is on BTN. #12 LSU has a big game at #7 Auburn on CBS; we'll get to see if LSU is legit this year. #17 Boise State is at #24 Oklahoma State on ESPN.

At 7:00, #1 Alabama plays at Ole Miss on ESPN. At 8:00, your Game of the Week is #4 Ohio State vs. #15 TCU on ABC. #22 USC vs Texas is on Fox as well.

Your nightcap game is #10 Washington at Utah at 10:00 PM.
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