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I'm Back
Thursday, 2005 July 14 - 11:40 pm
Nothing to make you appreciate an Internet connection like having to go without one for a while.

The home computer network is back up... sort of. For some reason DHCP isn't working. Don't worry if you don't know what DHCP is; it's not all that exciting. But the thing is, it worked for about a minute and then it mysteriously stopped working, and that's really frustrating. I might have to start all over again if I can't figure out what it is I screwed up.

Some miscellaneous tidbits for today:

Michelle Wie stomped her second-round match play opponent at the U.S. Amateur Public Links tournament today. She won 6-and-5. For you non-golfers, that means she was up six holes, and they stopped the match with five holes left to play. That's a pretty convincing victory. She won the first five holes in a row, and that's like scoring the first five touchdowns in a football game. (Nothing like explaining a sporting event using a sports analogy.)

Someone from New Jersey is trying to call me. I see a number from the 973 area code on my phone, and that number has dialed my house about fifty times so far. When I see New Jersey, that usually means it's a collection company... and they call me because someone with bad credit used to have my phone number, and the collection company databases haven't been updated yet. Grrr.

Someone just commented on my fourth-oldest article. Weird.

I've been listening Sisqo's "The Thong Song" on a hip-hop mix CD that I made. I know, it's a silly song. But it makes me laugh because the lyric goes like this:

She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck
Thighs like what, what, what
Baby move your butt, butt, butt
I think I'll sing it again!

And then he DOES. Sing it AGAIN. And that makes me think of the Herman's Hermits song "I'm Henry the Eighth I Am", where they say, "Second verse, same as the first!" If ever there were an opposite of a hip-hop song, "I'm Henry the Eighth I Am" would be it. So I think that's funny.
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Posted by Ken in: lifemusicsite-businesssports


Comment #1 from Jenny P. (Guest)
2005 Jul 15 - 9:12 am : #
I used to have a 45 of I'm Henry the eigth I am. We played that sucker to death in the disco basement I grew up with. That basement was truly iconic of the 70s... Imagine the decor; orange shag carpet, to begin with. A circular disco floor, complete with spotlit, rotating mirrored ball. A mirrored column. Accent colors of the tile: goldenrod, avocado and cream. A few excellent muralesque paintings on the walls that were kind of like dictates: a multi-hued (again, orange, goldenrod, and avocado) bendy arrow pointing to the floor that said "dance floor" or "disco floor" or something like that. Another arrow pointing to the far wall where there were barrel shaped round cubbies saying "Wine cellar."
Ah the memories. All brought up by a Herman's Hermits reference.
We used to rollerskate on the dance floor to "Xanadu."

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