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Biggie-Size Me
Friday, 2005 July 15 - 11:28 pm
A lunchtime observation.

For lunch today I went to Wendy's. I know, fast food, egads. But the selection of restaurants around where I work is limited, especially when dining alone.

Waiting in line at the drive-thru, I overheard the guy in front of me. When the girl on the speaker asked him for his order, he asked her, "What's YOUR favorite thing here?" I thought to myself, is he really asking the server for menu recommendations at Wendy's? "Well, the chef is especially proud of the chocolate Frosty today, and the french fries are in season so they're just ripe. Oh, and our chili is now thumb-free!"

It surprised me that she didn't take the opportunity to push the new "Frescata" sandwiches on him, because EVERY time I go to Wendy's, they ask me, "Would you like to try the our new Frescata sandwiches?" And that always confuses me, because I rehearse what my order is going to be as I drive up, and I have to go off-script in order to answer that question.

The guy in front of me didn't exactly seem the Frescata type, so maybe that's why she didn't ask. He was more a double-cheeseburger with a side of chili type. And that's exactly what he got. Would he like to Biggie-Size it? Yes, he would.

His SUV belched a cloud of exhaust at me as he drove away.
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Posted by Ken in: commentaryfood


Comment #1 from Phil (Guest)
2005 Jul 16 - 1:12 am : #
99-cent Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe, hold the cheese/mayo/mustard/ketchup; extra tomato/onions. And a Caesar salad. With a bottle of Diet Coke from a nearby store.
Comment #2 from Crouching Hamster (Guest)
2005 Jul 16 - 2:06 pm : #
I'm with Phil.

When I was desperate and hungry (working 60 hour weeks and taking a graduate course), I went to that Wendy's. Twice. I ordered the jr. hamburger with nothing on it, and then supplemented it with some yogurt and an orange at home.

The best fast food? Whole wheat pasta with a touch of olive oil and a sprinkling of locatelli - add peas or broccoli as you wish. The smaller the pasta (i.e. angel hair) the faster it cooks.

The best lunch - which I literally lived on all of last summer when I had an enforced 45 minute lunch break: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat, an orange or other fruit, yogurt, carrots, and the New York Times. Fast, cheap, and it won't make you sleepy or reduce your life expectancy. SUV not included.
Comment #3 from The Darkness (Guest)
2005 Jul 16 - 2:45 pm : #
Background: I worked at Wendy's for a couple of years in high school and a summer my first year in college.

The person working in drive through has a "catch phrase" that they're supposed to use to try and sell whatever the latest money sink-pit Wendy's is pushing. And they're supposed to try and "suggestive sell" things. That explains why they're always pestering you about the Frescata Sandwiches(tm,r,omg). If they don't ask then they'll probably be reminded shortly by the manager. Also, "would you like to biggie size it" is something they're required to ask if you order a combo.

I've thought about answering "does that mean I get an extra large potatoe or are you going to charge me $0.49 for that biggie sugar-water of doom?" I try not to order fries anymore from Wendy's. They are either burnt or soggy and I'm getting enough grease from the Double Royale with Cheese.

I'm a little mad that they have traded the "$0.99 menu" for the "value menu" and have raised the price of some of the small sandwiches.

Crouching Hamster: that PB&J lunch sounds great. I'll have to try it next week. But the New York Times.. isn't that a little pulpy?
Comment #4 from Timothy Ross (Guest)
2005 Jul 17 - 8:53 pm : #
PB&J for lunch? I should try that.

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