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Dating Update: She's Wearing My Ring
Wednesday, 2005 August 24 - 5:56 am
Last night The WHB and I both pulled our profiles down from the online dating site.

In the online dating world, taking your profile down is akin to giving a girl woman your class ring or letterman jacket. It means we've reached a certain stage in our relationship. The WHB and I seem to have hit that stage fairly quickly, but I don't think that's a bad thing.

It's been a long time since I've used the term "girlfriend", but I think that's the terminology one is supposed to use at this point. That word brings a new set of expectations, about trips and birthday presents and rides to the airport... but I'll take it. It's worth it to be out of the singles scene, and to have a little bit of security in the knowledge that someone out there really likes you. And I have to say, wow, The WHB is pretty terrific... I feel lucky. I hope I can measure up to her.

The transition from Single Guy to Relationship Guy has always been tricky for me. I've been the Single Guy for so long, looking for ways to meet women and opportunities to flirt. I'm really going to have to make a conscious effort to turn off that instinct. I think I'm pretty good at being the Relationship Guy, but it just seems strange not to have to wear the mantle of the Single Guy any more.

One other thing: it may become somewhat more difficult to maintain a regular blogging schedule. I'm still going to do my darndest to post every day, though, because I recognize that it was blogging (and the support of my wonderful Internet readers) that helped me get through that long period of singlehood. I owe you guys.

With any luck, this will be the last post entitled "Dating Update". Maybe I'll start a new series called "Girlfriend Update".

"Girlfriend". It still sounds weird.
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Posted by Ken in: datinglife


Comment #1 from olafandyjon (Guest)
2005 Aug 24 - 9:30 am : #
Wait! Whoa! I don't get to read for a week or so and everything changes!

*looks over old entries*

Great news! Looks like we'll have a new direction in blog entries, eh?
Comment #2 from Nicholas (Guest)
2005 Aug 24 - 11:38 am : #
I'm pretty dense, I'm trying to figure out what WHB stands for.

What's Hempenin' Baby?

White Haired Bishonen?

I used to always smother women by jumping into serious relationships too quickly. So I have not advice.
Comment #3 from Bake Town (Guest)
2005 Aug 24 - 12:59 pm : #
Damn - you do move fast.

Best of luck.
Comment #4 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Aug 24 - 2:34 pm : #
Thanks, BakeTown, that means a lot to me.
Comment #5 from Jenn (Guest)
2005 Aug 24 - 3:50 pm : #
I'm with Nicholas, every time I see "WHB" my brain madly starts trying to assign meaning to the letters.

I think pulling down your profiles at the same time is kind of sweet.
Comment #6 from Ken (realkato)
2005 Aug 24 - 4:22 pm : #
All will be revealed shortly...
Comment #7 from Bake Town (Guest)
2005 Aug 24 - 9:34 pm : #
White Haired Blond?
Woman Hears Bats?
Wonderfully Hot Boobs?
West High Bitch? (no wait - that's me.)
Comment #8 from Nicholas (Guest)
2005 Aug 24 - 9:38 pm : #
Don't tell us yet.
Comment #9 from Phil (Guest)
2005 Aug 24 - 11:48 pm : #

(And hee hee )
Comment #10 from Jenny (Guest)
2005 Aug 25 - 2:41 pm : #
Hooray! Ken's got a girlfriend, Ken's got a girlfriend...
Comment #11 from Ann (Guest)
2005 Aug 25 - 11:49 pm : #
Yay! I'm so happy for you Ken. I can't wait to meet your girlfriend. So does she like the theatre? ;)

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